Freezing Cold all the time....

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kayfrey, Feb 24, 2003.

  1. kayfrey

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    Lately I have developed the freezing symptom. I just can't get warm. Sometimes my fingers tingle and toes occasionaly.
    I take medication for my Thyroid already and just had my levels checked, they were fine, that is not what it is!

    Has anyone else experienced this? I am not due back at the doctor for 3 weeks and thought I might be armed with what it could be.

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  2. nitalynn

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    Have your doc check your thyroid levels. Cold is a basic symptom of thyroid disease.
  3. sqaw

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    i did not believe anyone else had this symtom with fibro,,i am always freezing,burning my husband up with the heat,,,finally i just started to keep a heating pad on my feet,,my doctor said that it was from poor circulation ,,,my husband rubs on my legs and feet alot,,,do your best to stay warm,,,frostbitten
  4. TKE

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    I too had this problem. Have had Graves for almost 16 years now. Had RAI in 1987 & took Synthroid for about 11 years before the "freeze" started. I was d'xd with FMS a few years ago. My hands & feet were always freezing cold, falling asleep, etc. Endocrinologists kept saying your TSH is normal. They never ran any other thyroid tests on me. Well DUH after mega research I fired my Endocrinologists & asked my family doc to run Free T4 & Free T3 tests. Low & behold my body had stopped converting the T4 hormone (synthroid) into the much needed T3 hormone (Cytomel). Once on Cytomel the cold hands & feet, hands tingling/falling asleep went away. Not only that the T3 (Cytomel) lowered my pain lever to the point I was able to go off antidepressants, pain killers, stomach meds, etc. Thyroid hormones control more than most docs will admit. They like to tell you to see a shrink or hand you antidepressants, instead of getting to the root of the problem. T3(Cytomel) is taken by many with FMS to help with pain levels. Most of us who have FMS also have a thyroid imbalance.

    Your Free T4 & Free T3 hormone levels should be in the middle of the lab range. Any lower in the lab range & you need to add T3. A low dose is usually all that is required. I take 10 mg of Cytomel daily, split into 2 doses, along with 125mg of Synthroid.

    You can find tons of info on thyroid on Mary Shomans thyroid board. Just type her name in your search engine & you should come up with the site.

  5. IngyW68

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    This little happy face to the left is what I am doing all the time to stay warm! My hands, feet, nose, are always cold. I don't have any Thyroid issues. I was told it was a symtom of Fibro that causes the bad circulation. Just thought I would share. I have an electric blanket I sleep with that has dual controls so my husband can leave it off on his side. I turn it on a half hour before I get into bed. Complete heaven especially when the wind chill outside is in the teens:):)Try to stay warm:) Take care.


  6. hamco

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    I have had cold, ice cold, tingle toes, on both feet, for years. Often it keeps me from sleeping. I have asked doctors for help but none have evan tried. I just came accross an article from "WALGREENS.COM" about a disease called "Raynaud's vascular disorder". Some of what the artical discribes apply to my condition. I am sending it to my Doctor with comments on those items that I feel apply to my condition.
  7. PatPalmer

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    Green tea, Digestive enzymes without food and also with if you have IBS, and having fresh garlic and onions (somehow) every day.

    These really help with blood disorder and reading your post has reminded me I don`t seem as cold as I was since starting this protocol.

  8. sujay

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    Ice-cold feet were one of my worst symptoms. I couldn't sleep because of it! Thank goodness I found a doctor who was willing to check into coagulation problems. Did you ever get a chance to follow Jelly's advice? Check out "hypercoagulation" or "ISAC" on the search engine here, and let us know how you're doing.