Freezing cold cinema in the middle of summer! Anybody else react?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jana15, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. jana15

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    I live in Australia and today was a beautiful hot day, I had good energy and so I decided to go to the cinema to see a movie. When I left the house in jeans and a long sleeve T shirt I felt on the warm side which I thought would be good as the cinema can sometimes be too cool.

    Well that was an understatement I WAS FREEZING so much so, I had to walk out and ask the manager for a loan of a cardigan or something - no luck there as it is summer afterall. They did offer to turn the airconditioning down but wanted to check the cinema first. Their virdict was that it was pleasent and seeing as I was the only one complaining, they were happy to give me a refund.

    I'd been in there an hour and came out into the glorious 30 degree C (mid 90's in F I think) and it still took my a couple of hours to warm up again.

    I was only in the cinema for about 45 minutes but it was enough to put me back into bed!

    Does this happen to any one else or is it just me?
  2. elastigirl

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    ... year round because of things like this. Watching a movie in the summer would give me a "brain-freeze" headache from the cold. Only once in a while did any of my friends complain; most were comfortable.

    I just toss the wool sweater over my arm when I go into the theater. It helps a lot :)!
  3. rockgor

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    in over 20 years. The sound is deafening, the prices are too high and the movies aren't worth watching anyway.

    Used to love the movies when I was young. Not anymore, sigh.
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    Husband and son dont ask me anymore cause I dont go. Either I freeze, I hurt cause the chairs are awful, or its so loud I am jumpy and cant stand the noise level, esp. if there are a lot of crashing bashing noises. I miss it sometimes, not alot but sometimes.
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    I always bring an extra jacket to the theater just in case. But in Plano, TX they keep the theater's rather comfortable. But grocery stores and department stores are soooo cold. I usually have to go outside to warm up! Or run to my car and heat the car up full blast. Good thing I moved down here from the midwest, burrrrr. But I always thought I was cold because my blood pressure is so low. At 52 years old, it's 100 over 68. I love my heating pad, just to feel warm all the time. Could that be the reason?
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    I always carry a blanket or jacket or large scarf, especially in the summer. I live in Alabama and the summers are hot and very humid and therefore, all the stores and cinemas have A/C turned way down. If I get too cold, my muscles tense up and hurt so badly I could cry.