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    Is anybody else troubled with being cold? I'm cold most of the time! I wear layers, including layers of jackets, even in 70/80 degree weather. This is inside. I don't know if it would be that bad outside. I'm pretty much housebound.
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    I seem to say cold.. At night I have the chills and then wake up with the sweats , no not hot
    flashes to old for them but never had one.

    I feel the chills and being cold comes from infection, just my opinion. Yet I can't seem to stand the heat .. If I go outside the sun makes me achy and feel bad not sure if its the CFS/FM or sinus/allergy stuff.. My doctor is clueless..

    Maybe I stay cold because I am not very active.

    No answers but sure can relate..

    God Bless,
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    It could be your thyroid.
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    I am willing to bet you have a very very low temperature, like 96, 95, or even 94.8. Been there, done that... getting hypothermia INSIDE while dressed in 5 layers. I know exactly how you feel. As a matter of fact, the years I felt like that, I was not warm until AUGUST!!

    Test your temperature in the morning. What is it when you first get up? Then read Dr. Rhoda Barnes, M.D., on what she says on the Internet regarding basal temperature testing. She says that one has a low thyroid if it is less than 97.8 degrees when you first awaken, before you move much more than to get the thermometer. To get a diagnosis of low thyroid, it might be helpful to keep a log book of your temperature for your doctor.

    Other considerations for being cold could include anemia. I have found that vegetable juicing, eating beets, and taking green powders made of the dried juices of barley have helped with my anemia. I also found that taking the green barley juice powders in combination with dulse raised my body temperature.

    I have found that Dulse was good for my thyroid. My source is Pacific Botanicals and they have Novia Scotia dulse. 541-479-7777. It can be bought in 1 to 5 pound quantities and even though it is a wholesale catalog you do not have to have a business license to order dulse. I found that at $16 or so per pound it was TONS cheaper than what was being sold in the health food store at $42.43 a lb. Mom gets 5 pounds at a time but you can always get 1 lb.

    Thyroid impacts reflexes, digestion, mental acuity, mood, hair loss, and more. Being cold all the time is just one symptom of a vast array of things that may be out of balance or may go out of balance.

    Protein is supportive to the thyroid, so are vitamins and minerals.

    I took a thyroid complex once that helped but do not know if I am allowed to mention brand names on the forum, and another product which contained iodine. Rest assured, where there is a will there is a way, and .... you need to know this.... the standardized testing will not necessarily point it out... it didn't point out mine. In later years, yes, it did finally show up.

    If you are very cold, one of the first places to look is the thyroid. I found naturopathic doctor support and diagnosis useful for this. My hypothyroidism was identified by reflex testing.
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    I do run a low temp and I am anemic, and (horror of horrors) I've lost a lot of hair!
    Once again --- getting docs to listen! "You test normal." You're cold because of hormones, etc.
    Thanks for the good suggestions