Frequent Bladder Infections

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by granmama, Dec 28, 2002.

  1. granmama

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    Oh no, here we go again, another bladder infection. I have been treated for 2 infections with Cipro 250mg within 3 months and now I have another one. I'm not much of a water drinker in the winter, but do consume a lot of ice though.

    Is this common among those with FM?
    In 1999, I had a bladder suspension and my last exam a year ago showed bladder high and normal. So what gives? My urine has a foul odor and I get intermittent pain.

    I just thought I would run this one by all to see if any have the same problem.
  2. joannie1

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    I am sorry to hear that you are having so many problems. I would seriously consult with a urologist. It does not seem normal to have these so frequently. It is possible it isomething that needs a different type of medication other then just an anitbiotic. Hope you can find some comfort.
  3. granmama

    granmama New Member

    Doc is prescribing Levaquin for infection. If this does not clear it up, then I will need to go in for a urine culture.
    And yes, the nurse said....DRINK LOTS OF WATER!

    Hoping for relief soon,
  4. beamurto

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    My daughter used to suffer from constant cystitus/thrush and kept being prescribed anti-biotics (something I am very much against because it only perpetuates the problem),but thanks to my pharmacist he suggested taking probiotics on a daily basis.

    I have no doubt that this has helped Erica enormously. OK, she does get the odd twinge, but nothing like she used to.

    Probiotics are a very effective way of supporting the immune system and it can't do any harm for you to try them. Good luck!
  5. pam_d

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    My urologist suggested a product called Cysta-Q (they have a website) a supplement for good urinary tract health (I have cystitis; seldom have an actual infection). It has helped cut down on my incidence of flare-ups of inflammation. Also, the above suggestions (probiotics, LOTS of water) should help. Good luck!

  6. griswoldgirl

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    for years and now have been diagnosed with Interstitial cystitis and take Detol LA-helps with frequency and spasms.

    biggest culprit is hygene and wiping from front to back and not back to front. Most UTI's are caused by feces getting into urinary tract. Also sex can cause them--been told by my urologist to always pee right after sex and he had me taking a microbid post sex to ward off any infection.

    since i wipe properly and have been on the medication and am able to empty all the way now--infection free now for about 8 months.

    Mine were at their worse post hysterectomy--I still blame it on the catheter they use when you are in surgery. It took me 6 months on and off antibiotics to get rid of it. I have also had one that was antibiotic resistant-almost ended up in the hospital on IV--they had to give shots of rhocephlen(not sure of spelling, it is a IM antibiotic) every other day for 10 days to get me over it.

    I drink cranberry juice every day and a ton of water and that seems to help to.

  7. layinglow

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    After you finish your course of Cipro you might try the following to prevent infections:


    95% Urinary tract infections caused by E Coli.
    E Coli, have sticky protrusions on cell wall so they can adhere to bladder wall, not being flushed out during urination.

    Mannose is a sticky sugar, that coats the walls of the E Coli, so it will be flushed out.

    Should take Probiotics since you have had so many rounds of antibiotics. Watch out for Cranberry Juice--check the sugar content. You will be feeding Candida, which thrive after the antibiotics have killed off your beneficial gut bacteria.

  8. granmama

    granmama New Member

    Thanks so much all for your suggestions. I will look into the alternative treatments, I start the Levaquin today, but just 1 pill a day for 3 days.

    I will by me some Ozarka water today. This past summer I would buy the small bottles and would save the empties, then refill with tap. The small size are just perfect for those thristy grandkids that pop over everyday!


  9. robin

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    HI...I'm robin and I just finished reading your
    item on Mannoman...a sugar? Good that its okay
    for diabetics cause I got that diagnosis April
    of last year!
    I'll have to go back and check the spelling and
    I might ask my doctor to take me off CIPRO and
    other anti-biotics and see if that M item will
    work. We can at least discuss it.
    glad I am checking this site (fibro) for info!
    Had UTI's every month, like a period, for about
    2 yrs before drs finally chose to put me on
    maintenance drugs as they call them.
    I do wipe properly so that's not the problem.
    I think the darn fibro is bottom cause, because
    I never had even one till I got the fibro!
  10. JennyJoy

    JennyJoy Guest

    This post is more for Robin asking about interstiial cystitis and how it seems to be related to the fibro. I was diagnosed with cystitis when I was 16, with symptoms since 15. I suffered for close to three years, missing 93 days of school in one semester bc I was up all night peeing! At age 17 I went into remission, and the cystitis seemed to be under control. But I had an injury at age 22 that triggered the fibromyalgia, and the cystitis flares up quite often now. I also have the IBS associated with fm. Does this sound familiar to anyone else? I am seeing a real pattern here, I either have decent, normal(for me) days, or it is full blown every single thing wants to go wrong at once. Has anyone else recognized any patterns? Anything in particular that triggers bad days, especially days when you live in the bathroom?