Frequently pulling muscles. Please help, friend in lots of pain.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 2bafriend, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. 2bafriend

    2bafriend New Member

    Hi everyone,
    I have a wonderful friend who has fibromyalgia. During the past 2 weeks, she has pulled many muscles in her back by doing relatively simple, day to day things. This isn't just the "normal" pain she goes though daily, or a back ache, or pain from overdoing it. Its in specific muscles in her back, that she is pulling by doing simple things such as bending over to pick something up. Tonight she pulled another muscle that she said made her almost fall to her knees. She isn't sure if it is the fibro that is causing this is what. She is in alot of pain, and right now afriad to even move, and this is breaking my heart to watch her in such agony.

    Do you guys think this is fibro related, and any suggestions on how to help avoid this, make the pain better.

    Also; She had blood tests not long ago, and it said she was low on Potassium. Could this be causing her so much pain?

  2. PainPainGoAway

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    Has she been to the doctor since the newer pains started? This has happened to me before, and it was due to specific problems in the spine, namely, a ruptured disk. It's important that if the pain is as bad as it sounds (agony), especially from bending over, etc, making it worse...that she get this checked out.

    Is this in the lower/midback or all over? Does it affect either hip, or her legs? Any shooting pains or spasms so severe it takes her breath away? Any loss of bladder control?

    This happens to many people, not just with FM. It could affect her ability to do simple things like sit on a toilet or get out of a chair, and if it has, suggest to her to see her doctor or even go to the ER. They can evalutate her, give her either proper meds or do an MRI to see if her disks are involved.

    If that's what it is (and I"m not saying that's what it is) it could be serious, or it could just be painful but the sooner she gets checked out, the better they'll be able to help her.

    I'm sure this is breaking you heart-- back pain is nasty. Do you know if she did anything recently, like moving furniture or climbing a ladder, anything that could've triggered this?

    I'm sure you will get additional advice. I would hesitate to recommend anything other than the doctor at this point.

    What did the doctor advise her to do in regards to the low potassium? That is not good-- that can even affect her heart if it's not taken care of. Low potassium could cause an increase in pain, but so could many other things.

    Any questions or comments, feel free to ask.
    Does she take any meds for the Fibromyalgia? What kind?
    Take care,

  3. 2bafriend

    2bafriend New Member

    Hi Cindy,

    Thanks for your quick response. She has not been to the Dr. since the pain started, however she has an appt in about a week. I talked to her about calling her Dr. monday to talk with her and at least give her Dr. some time to think of something. When i talked to her, she said it could be the fibro~ and i understand that and do not want to blow it out of proportion, however, i know her well, and ive seen her in pain, and i know how tolerant, patient, and well she can usually cope with the pain, and this is not her. Now i have seen her during really bad times, where its everything, but this is mainly her back. I think it has been her lower/ midback, but this one tonight she said started high, and then got lower. ? I know she frequently has hip/ leg problems, and also has RLS which was really hard on her last night, and gave her alot of anxiety...etc. I don't know about the shooting or spasms, to the point of loosing breath, but she is in aLOT of pain. No loss of bladder control that i know of. She has not doing anything that would clearly cause these problems, it has been things like 1/2 way bending over, picking something up, coughing while bending over. For her low potassium, the dr. told her it was low! YES, I do think Dr's R idiots, but at least this doctor has treated her with respect, and given her pain meds that make life liveable for the most part. I do not know what meds she is on, except thyroid, and muscle relaxers, (which don't help) and pain meds, which hardly help

    Thanks so much for your advice. I will speak with her again tomorrow and get on her about the potassium. Thank you.
  4. PainPainGoAway

    PainPainGoAway New Member

    You're welcome--
    My meds are kicking in so this will be brief. The thing about a lot of us w/ FM, is that even if we have great doctors, after awhile it gets hard to reach out anytime a new pain or symptom pops up.
    My doctor has assured me MANY times that the best thing to do when something "new" or "different" happens, is to get it checked out to rule out anything serious. No doctor who cares would want her in that much pain. She may need a shot, some further tests, physcial therapy-- there are sooooo many things to check for.
    Also, believe me, she's most likely in need of an advocate to help push her a bit. We don't always see ourselves as others do. I had no idea my back was so bad off. I'd had trouble for years but learned a few years ago I had SEVEN ruptured disks! I have an additional disease that would make surgery very dangerous so I've had my share of pain. At times I don't recognize when I'm worse or better, but friends will step in. I hate going to the doctor, especially hate going to the ER, but sometimes it's necessary!
    Lower back pain is one of the most common reasons for visiting an ER, so they can be helpful. If you can get her to call her doctor, he might just recommend that she go to the ER if he can't get her in, just to be safe. If she does have loss of bladder, that is an absolute emergency, and she would need to go in right away.
    Bananas, and figs are high in potassium..can't think of other foods right now but if she could eat a few bananas or even better, figs, that will help. Did they give her anything for the low potassium?
    For now I would suggest she get some bedrest, just until she can get to the doctor. Does she go to a chiropractor?
    Sometimes a disk can get messed up from just beding over. They start to deteriorate as we age anyway, and the lower back is a common place to have dried out or messed up disks. How she gets treated can make a difference in her recovery. Usually they will heal in about 6 weeks, but only with a modifcation in her lifestyle! That's why she needs to get seen.
    Sorry if this is a bit loopy-- hope this helps some.
    Give her a (((((gentle)))))) hug from me and one for you too for looking out for her!!!

    Take Care,
  5. 2bafriend

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    You are an awesome, kind and very helpful person! Thenk you for taking the time to give such great advice, and wisdom. Hearing opinions from the people who suffer with similar problems my friend suffers with, really helps me understand, and decide when to push her and urge her to go to a Dr. and when to just comfort her, care, and wait things out. I did ask that she go to the Dr. sooner and she is very stuborn and wants to wait until her appt in a week or so. Today she still was in alot of pain, but its no new symptoms, just what she did last night. I'll give her a day or so, and then see how she is doing. I have heard some of her other friends talk with her, and they seem to be demanding she go to a Dr. now, but they do that everytime she has a flare. It sorta frustraites me because when she isn't feeling terrible they think she is great and needs to be doing LOTS of stuff, and when she had hard times, they make it sound like she is dying and there isn't hope. I try to stay inbetween, and comfort, care, and be here to help her as much as she will allow me.
    Thanks for all the info! You are very helpful and i really appriciate it!
  6. Sunspot

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    I'm not sure if this is the same thing... I have CFS, and for the last year or so I seem to strain or sprain muscles really easily, doing ordinary things, and then the sprains take a long time to heal. My homeopath suggested taking Mag Phos remedy, 2 pills twice a day for five days, and also Arnica for another five days. (You take homeopathic remedies under the tongue, at least 15 minutes before and after having anything else in the mouth).

    Mag Phos helps muscle spasms relax, and Arnica is good for pain. He said taking them for 5 days would help strengthen my muscles, joints and ligaments.

    I've taken them both now for 5 days each and it did help with pain and with spasms. In fact my tight leg muscles relaxed while I was taking the Mag Phos and have stayed that way. I'm able to kneel now although I couldn't for the past six months or so because of the painful tightness. I imagine I will need to repeat both remedies in awhile, but it's given me hope that I can build up my muscles this way, and then with exercise, so that they won't get injured so easily in future.
  7. Asatrump

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    I have had muscles that pull taut, like bricks all over my body for well over 40 years. For me it is part of the FMS. I can merely turn my head and that stays pulled tight for a week or more. Various other muscles too..... bend over and you can feel it grab. As for relief, nothing helps very much, a muscle relaxant like soma, and make yourself as blotto as possible during the night hoping that sleep will help restore the muscles.

    Some people apply cold, I usually apply heat. I have a thermofore heating pad plugged in next to my recliner. It stays there year round for muscle relief.

    I call this "seizing up".. but that is my own personal term. Sometimes I even have a muscle that gives a bit of aura that it is going to pull, and I can tell you I tread very softly, occasionally averting a seize up.

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