Friend mauled by a bear.....

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    The surprises just keep on coming, this one was out of left field..

    Called my son yesterday as I do every few weeks to see how he's doing...I usually babble on about things going on in our house to keep him updated but learned my lesson 2 weeks ago when he was promoted in the Air Force and had a very odd accident which totaled his car.

    A security guard on base had raised the concrete barriers without checking to see that the path was clear and my son's car was on top of them at the time.

    So as promised, I called him, said hello and then just shut up for a bit, very glad I did....

    Do you all remember me telling you that my son was a "Maid of Honor" in his best friend's wedding recently? They've been best friends since they were 16 years old.

    Catherine's dad was a very distinguished man as an Ambassador etc and their family had traveled the world. I think he was even our Nato Ambassador recently. Anyway....

    Catherine's mother took a wilderness yoga, closer to God type trip for her last hurrah in Alaska about a month after her daughter's wedding and on the last day, was MAULED by a bear. (she's 61 yrs old)

    She very nearly died, but the other ladies on the trip managed to scare the bear away and keep her alive for over 4 hours until they could get her to a hospital. How frightening!!! Took two planes, one traveling in dense fog to get to her.

    Only 7 ladies on this trip yet one was a critical care nurse all in the middle of nowhere.

    I googled her name and found lots of stories on this.

    This just happened a little over a week if you are a praying person, please pray for her recovery.

    In the last 5 months....

    I have seriously injured my leg

    Daughter hospitalized twice in psych wards

    One hospitalization was for 5 weeks

    She's getting divorced and has moved back into our house

    Husband's sick, probably thyroid problems

    Son in accident

    Traveled to London 3 times to visit daughter

    Sat in a garden and chatted with a movie star

    Met one of Britain's best ever soccer stars

    And had a friend mauled by a bear.....

    Could life get any more strange? I'm hoping not!!!

    And they wonder about our stress levels....


  2. rockgor

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    Good Grief! Such a lot of bizarre events going on.

    Is your leg ok now? I don't understand that barrier, totaled car accident.

    Hope your daughter is better. Does she visit the message board?

    Wishing you some peace and quiet, even boredom for a change.

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    Yes, my son is ok but was taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

    Rock I'll try to explain it better....I guess all stateside military bases have concrete barriers that rise out of the road in case of extreme emergencies.

    Apparently they're supposed to check them daily by doing a test run on them.

    This guy was new at this gate, didn't check for cars and my son was rolling along in his when the concrete barriers rose up. He must have been right there in the exact spot...his SUV rose up, air bags came out and of course he had no idea what had happened.

    He explained that he came out of the car stumbling around having no clue what happened to him. So basically he drove straight into a concrete wall.

    And no, my leg is a bit better, but when you tear your quad muscle and aren't treated with surgery, it takes forever to heal and mine isn't healing properly.

    I can now after 4 months finally sit up in bed with my legs out, that's a relief. But I'm still in pain daily....

    Hugs all,

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    I had read the story in the Fairbanks paper about your friend......only I didn't in a million years guess that anyone on this board would know her. Yes, she is lucky to be alive. Bear maulings are so random and scary, but they happen.

    Does your doctor not think you would benefit from surgery on your leg? Or is it that you'd rather not have surgery?

    Hubby is coming home tomorrow......Mother will come later with her other son. I hope she can adjust to life out here and will make some friends at the retirement home. Change is not easy and she's going through a big one- leaving the house she's lived in for nearly 50 years.

    To do:
    Clean house
    Freeze peaches
    Work with boys on their school

    I'm hoping to hear from more of you and wish you all a good week-
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    Wow and I thought my life was busy! Is the leg the same on you injured a while back? Oh your poor freind, I do hope she will be alright, is she still in the hospital?

    I haven;t been on the board much, manage to make it to the porch once a day..maybe. I am Co-Chairing a large art show on the 27th of this month and my other Co=chair had back surgery last Thurs,so I am buried and then slept the entire weekend playing catch up on my rest.

    Last I read, you daughter was with you and on her meds doing better. I do hope that hasn't changed. You sure have had you share of stress this year.

    Is the army or service going to buy for you son's car? I can't imagine what he was thinking when that thing came up under him.Geez.

    Who was the movie star and soccor player??? Did you meet them in London when your daughter was in the hospital?

    I really miss being able to come here and "talk" to everybody but I have no one to help me with my daily chores, the dogs, ect and then the art show had really required ALOT of time, I am in charge of fundraising for sponsors, door prizes in a poor town, has not been easy and I am getting use to rejection now :)

    It seems like a lot of people have left the board, was this because of the new format, I only see a handfull of regulars. Do you ever talk to Molly or Dar?

    I will pray for you and your friend, I hope there is something they can do for your leg-take care and hope, like ROck said, you have a boring day, LOL-Carla
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    What a terrible story about that lassssdy being mauled by a bear. That is really horrible. Carla told me about this incident. We just got back from Alaska about a week ago.

    No, we did not sea any bears or really wild animals really except some Dall sheep way up on the mountains that looked like little dots. There were also different rabbits and squirrels which was about the most we did see -also some Dungeness crab that we watched they catch in their pots and lkearned all about them. Then we ate them - actually not them but others that wer caught earlier that day or before most likely. It was so interesting.

    We were all hopoing to see some wild animals but no luck. we did see "THER Mountain" in all its glory with clear skys which I understand is fairly rare.

    Alaska is a lovely state. Glad I got to see it but glad I was not there in the winter.

    Hope that lady friend will be good as new soon. I cannot even imagine being mauled by a bear and she was younger than I.

    Hugs and blessings to you,


  7. hugs4evry1

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    For the well wishes and prayers....

    Terri, my doc didn't even mention surgery, physical therapy or anything for my leg although all of my research said it's the only way to fix it properly but.....

    If I'd had the surgery, I wouldn't have been able to visit my daughter in London in the hospital. There's no way I'd have been able to sit upright in the airplane seat, even for only an hour. In fact, those trips in July were the first times I could bend my leg like that at all.

    Carla, my friend will be in the hospital for awhile....she's a tiny thing, maybe 5'3". I'll be calling my son again this weekend to find out more. I wish I had offered him money to go visit her but I had my jaw on the floor reading what had happened to her.

    And yes, there won't be any problem with my son getting another car soon. He's already looking. Accidents like this are not what a base Commander wants to see on his desk so it's being taken care of quickly.

    And I'm sorry, I know you have a lot on your plate too...

    As for the movie star and soccer player...I won't give out their names for privacy purposes, but the soccer player was in the tabloids a lot while he was hospitalized. It's such a shame, Britain doesn't 'get' mental illness like we do in the states.

    I did however, highly recommend the movie "The Music Within" to everyone's about the man who changed the laws for the disabled in America. Since the movie star kept his privacy while in the hospital, I won't do anything to change that. But...Have you seen the movie "The Queen"?

    And no, Dar and Molly left the board a few months ago although I can't remember why, sorry.

    Granni, glad you enjoyed your trip to Alaska. These women truly were in the middle of nowhere....And they didn't see any bears until the attack....

    Hugs all,

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    I reread my post and realized I thought I was on the To Do List.....oops! The edit feature has changed so much that I didn't try to edit, I would have had to start totally over. I liked the old edit feature much better..

    Nancy, I hope your son is doing better.