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    Hi there
    quick prayer request please.
    I think I need some new friends in my life, not these toxic people who tell me I don't have enough faith to be healed and that they would give me a hug but are so afraid I might break, and laugh, this is suppose to be my womens cell group were we reach out for support. Just ask the Lord to send me some good people who will love me the way I am, even when I'm not feeling well. plus I have a really off the wall kind of humor. they have to know how to laugh. I'm harmless and very supportive so its not like I don't have a lot to offer and they can't be the jealous catty type. I'm not that hot but apparently woman seem to think so. there so obvious in there remarks. I'm married for crying out loud. ..excuse me while I breath, K back. well its painful when woman reject you and men are perv's.. forgive me I have been struggling in my walk so I'm in the flesh right now when I should be in the spririt. the holy spririt is alway there to keep me on my toes. oh yeah, there's the conviction now. sorry Lord, forgive my unforgiveness, take my heart of stone and turn it to flesh. so much for quick prayer request, so far all I did was complain. Please just pray that the Lord would send me some loyal friends. I lost two of my best friends when they met men. understandable. plus I lost the rest when I turned Christian. people I really loved and cared about turned their back on me because I am now a child of light, Father we are children of heaven and repesent our creator on earth, we are to be mirrors of Love, Jesus please help us to do this, in Jesus' mighty name we pray
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    thank you and same to you
    God Bless