"From CFS to Lyme: Medically Unexplained No More"

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    Hi everyone,

    I am posting the link to Pam Weintraub's latest blog for Psychology Today magazine where she discusses how CFS and Lyme patients, along with other diagnoses, often get psychiatric labels, leaving their real illnesses untreated........(the body of the article is continued further down the page, so make sure you scroll down)......

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    thanks for posting
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    so I can't read it yet, but when I googled it, this came up in the description, which I think is pretty awesome........."Labeling sick patients psychiatric is medical abuse. "

    that statement alone is worth its weight in gold : )
  4. victoria

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    yes, there was a study one time that found the majority of those dx'd with mental disorders because of disabling physical symptoms, were found to have physiological reasons for their symptoms.

    I didn't get to read the whole article yet, but as I mentioned elsewhere, there was a study somewhere that found that a significant % of those treated for syphilis with the 1-shot miracle penicillin did develop tertiary syphilis/neuropsych problems by the 1950s or before.

    food for thought re those that support the short term treatment and then write the pts off as mental casses if they continue to suffer. Not to mention the additional diseases passed on at the same time as Lyme by ticks, it's rare to just get Lyme.

  5. AuntTammie

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    the site is back online.....I read it and it is good...thanks for posting
  6. victoria

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