From Dr. Teitelbaum -Possible New Treatment?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Elisa, May 14, 2011.

  1. Elisa

    Elisa Member

    Hi all,

    I read this article with interest...but I'm unclear what the new test or treatment is...anyone know?

    God Bless,

  2. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I'm giving the post a bump as it's rolling over to page 2.

    Love, Mikie
  3. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    ... and at first I was concerned that it was in Psychology Today.

    Then this sentence caught my eye: "It does not say anything about whether CFS & fibromyalgia are real". Huh?? REAL?

    I know Dr. T. is well-respected, however, his protocol wouldn't work for me because he likes to start patients on everything at once. I'm sensitive to meds/supplements. I never figured out how you'd know what was working and what might be causing a reaction.

    Still, I'm glad to know someone is still working on it.

  4. Elisa

    Elisa Member

    Thanks Mikie - for bumping it up...

    Thanks Marta for your imput too - I didn't catch that part - ugh....

    My question is regarding the LAST PARAGRAPH or so...addressing a test and treatment - string words from a CFS doctor?

    Any ideas as to exactly what tests he's talking about?

    Thanks so much and God Bless,


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  5. TigerLilea

    TigerLilea Active Member

    Complete quote:

    >>>What does it not mean that this study did not find XMRV?

    It does not say anything about whether CFS & fibromyalgia are real.<<<

    I'm taking this to mean that the authors did NOT state that because XMRV could not be found, therefore, that CFS couldn't be real.
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  6. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    The article is not quite clear - or maybe I'm foggy. I wish "experts" would learn to write shorter articles. I fog out before I'm through.

  7. bakeman

    bakeman New Member

    he is NOT respected in the CFS community at all. He is just working on the side-lines, making money off of cfs patients. He is a master business man. I could say much more.
  8. Elisa

    Elisa Member

    GlenP - what a great post...

    So valuable...thank you so much for taking your time to post it here. I really enjoyed it! The concept is VERY interesting and fits.

    Take Care,

  9. Manwithfibro

    Manwithfibro New Member

    In most people. The problem with his protocols is that they maybe work in a couple people out of 100. Take Ribose for example, it does nothing for most people yet he claimed it was the cure not long ago. I have a feeling all of this is caused by lyme, in most cases, or by a pollutant that causes disruption in the methylation pathway. See postings by RichVank.
    He is on top of this. Those with certain genetics, however, have extreme problems detoxing, including me.
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