From Fatigued to Fantastic: Anyone read this??

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    Book is by Jacob Teitelbaum. If anyone has read this book and/or tried the over 100 techniques listed I'd love to hear his or her feedback. It seems like a lot to do to get better and very expensive. I'm planning on ordering the book but before I do wanted to ask the experts, you guys!


    "From Fatigued to Fantastic : A Proven Program to Regain Vibrant Health Based on a New Scientific Study Showing Highly Effective Treatment for Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia"
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    I have read it, and have implemented some of his treatments. I think it's important to research all the info you can. List your symptoms, discover the causes of such, and begin working on an individual treatment for yourself. It is best to work on one thing at a time, and be can be a long process of trial and error. I would address them in order of importance. This has worked very well for me. You have to go slowly and journal in my opinion, to find what works. None of us react the same to the multitudes of treatments available.
    Best wishes, LL
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    I can put up with the fatigue; I can put up with the pain for the most part anyway. But the number one thing that I feel so robbed so lost, so empty; it’s my memory. I put stuff down or in files with no rhyme nor reason. Then I have to respond like a mad man to find things, I bet I couldn’t tell you day of the week five times out of ten.
    I’ve sent payments in a month to six weeks ahead of their due date and then turned around and gone completely backwards and not paid bills. This is a very sore subject around our house, when things got tight when I lost my job and this damn diease got a real hold on me, well that’s when my wife turned the bills over to me. So far the lights are still on, the dish service is on, as well as the Internet provider.
    This DD sucks and anything that will help us regain some of our dignity, I say go for it. All I ask is please share with the rest of poor souls
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    The only thing that I didn't think I could do for myself was start everything at once. My stomach can't handle much. Nausea is something I constantly deal with. So as someone suggested above, I picked the things that were bothering me the most and started the supplements.

    It is definately a book worth reading. -Karen
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    Who could afford this???????? Some ideas don't cost a thing but.......................
    If that is what it takes to get well I have neither the money nor the energy to do all those things.............
    Replacing my fillings would add up to the national debt LOL
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    I ordered this from the local library and kept it for about 2 months
    I found it extremely helpful when I was first diagnosed to get insight into this illness
    I also tried out some of the treatments for some symptoms with success.
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    Thought it contained a wealth of information,,,couldn't however get my doc to buy into some of the theories,,,yeast, low thyroid, adrenal insufficiency,,,,etc. etc. Best of luck. Tulip
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    Yes, I have read Teitelbaum about 4 years ago. Was very sick at the time. What I do remember clearly, is that he is the first one that mentioned Malic Acid and Magnesium in my 20 plus years of FM.

    I was so excited to find something 'on paper' that described exactly all of my symptoms. I bought four copies of his book, gave a copy to each one of my three grown children.
    Yes, I finally got some confirmation that I could pass around instead of trying to keep explaining how I was feeling all the time.

    His book is great, but like everything else with these illnesses, you have to; 'Chew up the watermelon and spit out the seeds'! No one has it all right, and not everything works for each of us.

    I will say that he started me on a road to some recovery, then I bought 'The Fibromyalgia Advocate' by Devin Starlanyl, then her updated version; 'Fibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain (A Survivial Manual)' along the way I have over 20 books on just FM/CFS now.

    From one of them I found Pro Health supplements, then this board! Sort of a domino effect.

    I am at the least 80% better than I was when I first started with the book, lots of credit goes to the board, Pro Health and a man named 'Mel' who introduced me to 'ZMA' for sleep.

    I think that sleep in the key to FM, deep sleep the kind that we all need but seldom get, that stage four kind.

    By all means, read the book, take out of it what you think will help. Then try Devin's books, she is a Dr. who suffers from FM.
    For those who are having a bad time with paying the bills. Here is what I do now.

    Buy a cheap desktop open file. Then get twelve of those folders with pockets that the kids use in school.

    Mark each folder with the month, date you get a check, if you get paid twice a month, then date two manila folders with those dates and insert them in the folder.

    When the bills come in the mail, open them immediately, then file them in the folder for the date you will pay them.

    I keep, pen, pencil, stapler, return address stamper, stamps, envelops, scotch tape, all in a small basket,( the calculator gones on this table too) is on the roll around table with the checkbook, and the file (I will cut off anyone around heres fingers if they dare touch one single thing in the basket or the table!).

    As for writing checks when I am shopping, I keep a 'Post it' page on the wallet by the checks, I write down the check numbers before I leave home(Checks that I am taking with me to shop), then the amounts on the side of the proper check # (don't worry about who you wrote the check for, the amount is whats important!) when I write a check.
    This way I don't have to sit around matching checks to store receipts when I get home.

    I have a desk type three check to a page checkbook, it does not leave the table.
    I just take the checks out that I will need when I go shop.

    At the end of the year, I have everything in one place for the incometax thing.
    Then I just put the whole 12 folders in a file (I use a large rubber band to keep the year together) and mark in large print the year on the outside of the first folder.

    I also put all receipts from stores etc. in the month I made the purchases/paid the bill, I also mark all bills I paid with the date/#number/amount for my use.

    I never could deal with those little checks that come in a little book type thing. Too much trouble to keep track of the figures.
    (One very good tip, use a 'highlighter' for deposit entries, that way you can go right to the deposites when necessary, I also mark the top of the page with the highlighter).

    When I get canceled checks/bank statements I do them as soon as possible. Then file them.

    Before doing this, I was a total mess with the bookkeeping here. My husband hates the thought of bills/checkbooks, etc. Its up to me. So I made it simple as possible.

    (I do not do anything on the computer, don't trust that kind of bookkeeping).

    I also wanted to pay my daughter to do this for me, she did a geat job, BUT before I knew what was happening, my husband had spent way over what we had in the bank, she would not tell him a word when he went shopping, I had to take it back and get him back in line, he is a born spendthrift and like a child, needs someone who is not afraid to tell him NO!

    I hope this helps someone, it sure made life easier for me. I had got to the point that I would avoid paying bills, which caused all kinds of problems as you all know.

    Now I don't mind so much. I like things in order, and as we all know thats not easy for us. So when I felt good, I thought it out and this is what I came up.
    I hate to admit this, but I used to be a bookkeeper for large and small companies years ago! Never made a mistake either. This was before computers and Fibro..............

    Shalom, Shirl

  9. judywhit

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    but i do use the "fatigued to fantastic" powder vitamin and mineral supplements. It has 32 vit and minerals including the mag and malic acid. I found that I have much clearer thinking when I use this. I quit for one month because I was out and I went downhill. I take a seperate b vitamin since this powder does not supply the b's.
    I purchase it at iherb on the net. about 35 for a month. but this is the only supp I take so not bad in price.
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    Have read it and thought that it contained some good info

    Have tried some of the treatments (Cortef and Armour Thyroid) but then developed insomnia

    Now I am on supplements only
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    I like to have a chance to at least give a book a good look before I buy it. Our library has several, and we can keep them for a month. Saves some money if you do not find
    it useful. I do have the book, and read it several years ago. Adapted a few of his ideas.. one just has to sort
    them out and do a little trial and error. Give each that you try a long enough time, and do a journal while making changes. Hope this idea helps. Best regards to all who use this board. MJE
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    Really appreciate this post and all the feedback, some of the most enlightening info! And Shirl, You are right on the money, thanks for all the good info!!!!! I will get this book ASAP!! I need all the help I can get so rhank you to everyone for putting in your 23 cents, thanks.......Pam2
  14. jstbrznby

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    Really appreciate this post and all the feedback, some of the most enlightening info! And Shirl, You are right on the money, thanks for all the good info!!!!! I will get this book ASAP!! I need all the help I can get so rhank you to everyone for putting in your 23 cents, thanks.......Pam2