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  1. chopindog

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    I am wondering if any of you have read the book From Fatigued to fantastic. I recently read it, it sounds promising. It is a holistic aproach to treating the disease. When I say holistic this means to treat the entire body at once, to hopefully eradicate the whole illness. Much like the fatigue and fibro clinic I have seen others talk about.

    I have also checked into the fibro fatigue clinics. They also seem very promising. There is actually one near me in salt lake. I called and they told me it will be $700 just for the first month Dr visits alone.

    For those who do have insurance ( I don't) she said that insurance does not cover the doctors visits there.The $700 does not cover any labs or procedures. After you get the labs drawn, they start treatment but it will be $150 for each monthly visit lasting 15 mins. For me, and maybe others of you, this is just financially impossible for me.

    Not having insurance I will pay for all labs and meds out of pocket. This I am prepared to do, but to pay a Doctor such an large amt. of money for a 15 min visit, I just think this is really taking advantage of all of us who are just looking for a cure. Do you realise that the doctor makes $1200 an hour to look at some labs and say "well just keep up the good work!"

    Now fatigued to fantastic is also written by a doctor who also had CFIDS. He and his helpers have done many studies and it seems to be much the same program as the other.

    WARNING I have not tried it yet I am planing to do this hopefully this week. On the fatigued to fantastic web site, you can for $80, put in your individual symptoms and medical problems and the computer system will print out labs that need to be drawn, and a whole treatment plan with dieatary supplements, herbels and RX drugs.

    On the website doctors from all over the country are listed. These are doctors who will assist you with this treatment plan. The doctor I have made an appt with for this charges $150 for the first visit and $50 there after. My Pain doctor in Colorado (who was an excellent doctor) recommended this program to me. I found the book at barnes and nobel.

    Its worth a read. If anyone out there has any warnings for me please pipe up! If not I will keep posting you all on my progress with this program!

    (Nanna put in breaks in your post....but didn't change a word..I promise!)
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    I have read it, but have you ever heard of NAET? When I went to my naturaupath for the first time, she tested me and I was so toxic that I was allergic to vitamins, minerals, even my own digestive enzymes!

    So, in the book he tells you to take certain vitamins but unless you can tolerate it, it won't help you.

    In my case, I was intolerant to so many things that even "healthy" foods were making me sick.

    I've been doing NAET and accupuncture for three months now and I see such a diffrence. I'm not cures, but there is such an improvement.And I'll take any improvement.

    Just a thought, but if you get a chance do a search on NAET. Let me know what you think.

    Hugs and Prayers
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    I did the Dr.'s on line evaluation and found it to be rather general. I have tried his protocal a couple of times and wasn't sure if it was helping but I may have given up too soon. I have now been on it for five weeks and I think the B vitamins have really helped with my mood.There isn't anything in his shake mix that should be dangerous according to my MD but we all react differently and should let our MD know we are trying it. Some studies indicate problems with mega doses of Vit.B's,specificaly neuropathy. I found the Fatigued to fantastic online at Iherb for 35 dollars,15 less that I paid at the local health food store and they had free shipping. My gyn has a sister who is also a MD.She was listed in the book as one of the Dr.'s that followed Dr.Tietlbams protocal. While I was in her office she called her sister. She had only gone to a seminar and did not follow the protocal. She was not happy about having been listed. So I just feel an open mind is needed. Also with our condition we have exacerbations and remissions and thus must be objective when trying something new. Just some toughts.
    Nevada :)
  4. davebhoy

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    i went to a doctor who followed teitelbaums protocol.

    didnt help me one little bit and left me badly out of pocket.[This Message was Edited on 08/30/2005]
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    The FFC clinics do alot of the same things. The cost for follow ups is not 150 for 15 mins. They spend as much time as you need to help you. Try searching FFC and you will see detailed accounts of exactly what they do and how much it costs. They are also holistically approaching FM with an emphasis on finding the underlying problems and fixing them as opposed to just treating the symptoms. Good Luck to you I think you are on the right track! Lynn
  6. chopindog

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    First of all thanks to Nanna for puting the breaks in the post. It makes it alot easier to read!
    I am greatfull for everyones point of veiw, it seems like many of the other "treatments" out there, it is a hit or miss. Just hoping mine will be a hit!

    IDGBCOLEMAN, thank you for clarifying the info on the FFC! I did study there web site and found it very promising, and was excited. But then I called the number on the web site and the operator is the on e who gave me info on the priceing. I actually was so excited to try the program that I called and tried to get a loan to do it, but was denied do to when I lost my job I also lost my home and car, I had to file bankruptcy, so I can't get the loan. I now plan to call the actual office in salt lake to get better pricing info. So thank you for your info!

    CHURCHMOM, I am so happy it is helping you, I hope you continue to improve! [This Message was Edited on 08/31/2005]

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