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    Thank You All for your kind words.

    In response to a few of you, the onset of my hives occured last December. I remember that day I overdosed on chocolate (I have a bad sugar addiction, which has attributed to about 80% of my weight gain), and I wore this courdoroy jacket which aggrivated my skin terribly. I broke out that day, and almost everyday until this past July, when I saw my rheumatologist, and she put me on Prednisone and 400mg Plaquenil.

    I was gradually taken off of the Prednisone, and that was replaced by 25mg of Elavil that my allergist prescribed for the hives.

    This past two weeks, I haved missed my morning dose of Plaquenil and have had some bad hives resurface. So I know that when I am eventually taken off of it, the hives may come back with full force.

    From December to March, the hives were primarily brought on by the cold weather, the heat from wearing warm clothes, and stress. I basically had no middle road when it came to the hives.

    After March, primarily stress and sunlight were causing my hives.

    Also, when dyeing my hair and bleaching my facial and neck hair overgrowth caused by my PCOS, I would have leper-like hives the morning after doing these things.

    I'd rather have noticable hair than hives which are TOO noticable, so that's the way it is for me.

    Unfortunately, I do not have a social life, which means no friends. The only Catholic church in my city, which my family had attended from '99 to '02 was not a source of support for me or my family members when tragedies struck, and no one there ever cared to concern themselves with me, when it came to my medical-related hardships, especially when I had two laporoscopies 9 months apart in 2001.

    I have still faith in God as a Catholic, but I do not go to church as often as I should, partly at times because of anger, physical and emotional pain, and we must travel everywhere by bus.

    Obviously I don't have a support system where I am, and it's hard, because my mom can't relate because she has medical problems of her own that has plagued her life.

    Again, thank you all. It means a lot to me to hear words of encouragement from people I have never even met in person.


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    I wanted to 'resurrect' my post since it had gotten lost pages away from Page 1 to hopefully get some advice from parents of children or teens who have fibromyalgia, or teens that are around my age.

    What are ways that have helped you to deal with this? And are there other teens that have lack of a social life like I do because of their medical problems and/or depression?