From the Amazon to Mars

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    In the news this past week were two extremely contrasting stories of the people of our planet and the unimaginable things they have seen.

    NASA sent a robotic spacecraft, the Phoenix Lander, to search for evidence of life on Mars. Last Monday, it landed successfully. Photos are being sent back for us all to see first hand what is taking place 36 MILLION miles away.

    Meanwhile, deep in the jungles of the Amazon, one of the worlds last remaining uncontacted tribes has just seen a helicopter fly over for the first time. Photos were captured of the tribesmen, bodies painted red, with bows and arrows aimed at the monstrous, flying intruder from the sky. What must they think?

    Two entirely different worlds, on one small planet.

    Yet, while these Amazon Indians are perfectly content to live and hunt and exist in their own little pocket of the world, our people, the “civilized” folk, are not content with the whole planet, and Mars too. We must also intrude on this society and destroy their entire world as they know it. They are in increasing danger from illegal logging that is moving in around them. Sadly, they need to be protected from us.

    Check out the pictures:

    They are rare and fascinating. I look at them and wonder what it would be like to live their life. I wonder what it would be like for them if they were forced into our world, to live like us. I find it amazing that they have managed to stay hidden and secluded for so long, and hope that somehow they can continue - forever.
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    an amazing world. One can find examples daily.

    Probably the biggest threat to the uncivilized people would be diseases to which they have no immunity. That's what happened to the Incas.

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    Neat Post!,,,,,The Tribe should definetly be left alone! I'm guessing they won't be!,,,,the photos are amazing!,,,,,,,I must admit it would be fun just to go and visit them just to see how they live,,From Afar!,,,Mars is a major feat for us!,,,,,,interesting,,,,wonder how many more (Peoples,,(Tribes) we don't know about!),,,,,,Sis
  4. 4everkid

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    They showed this photo of the jungle folks on the world news the other night. I just find it fascinating that there are still people who live such secluded, primitive lives and seem to be completely unaware of the rest of the world. I guess there are still tribes of people like this scattered around, but not many.

    In a way, I am kind of envious of their lives. I could never live that way myself, personally. But other than hunting prey to feed the village and warding off the occasional wild animal, their lives must be pretty simple, very family oriented, and relatively stress free. Their days are probably very routine, with little to worry about, except the occasional, "Which color should I paint myself for the rain dance, or green?"

    Well, I imagine there is a lot more to their lives than that, but still...much simpler than ours. Hopefully now that our people have flown in and freaked them all out and made us aware of their situation, the good people of our civilized world will band together and do what needs to be done to protect them and their primitive lifestyle. They are certainly an endangered species, and worthy of protection.

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    That there are a few more of these Tribes that they Know about and have labled as "Non Contacted" by other humans on the planet,,,,mostly in the amazon and in peru and Brazil,,,,,,

    So amamzing how they have survived all of this time!,,,,The one photo had about 15 people in it,,,,,I'm definetly going to keep following this saga!,,,,,,,Maybe it's a Green night,,,,Lolol,,,Sis
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    of having such a simple lifestyle! I wouldn't want it to be QUITE that simple, but it would be so nice not to have to live up to what modern society requires of us.

    Could you imagine just being able to enjoy the beauty of your surroundings without radios and tv's and the latest video games blaringor running here and there to get this or that, that really isn't necessary, except in our modern society.

    I have a feeling that now we've found them, we won't leave them alone, we tend to destruct every thing we find.

    INtersting thread

    God Bless
  7. painterZ

    painterZ New Member

    very, very sad. I guess it's human nature to explore, but in doing so we've destroyed everything.


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