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    Well she is off today (Yahooooo!) that means I will actually be able to get some work done! I also had my boss ask me a bunch of questions about her and how she is doing this morning. He must be able to read my mind. My boss and I are very good friends. We talk about everything and anything, very open. He even asks me advise about how to deal w/his wife etc.

    Anyway I got the chance to tell him how she isn't assertive or doesn't take initiative etc. We are going to talk more later today. It will give him time to think about it over the holiday weekend. I explained to him how right now, under the circumstances I am in, I need her to take the ball and run and she just doesn't do it, at least not without direct instructions.

    I also got a chance to be honest to him about how he tells me to always be nice to her and that this isn't just me being "bitchy". I told him I cannot trust her w/my "books". I will not allow her to mess w/my numbers. These books are my babies. My accountant loves me and says I do a wonderful job for this company. I'm not going to let her touch them. No way!

    Anyway we'll see what happens. I was able to say after 6 mos she should be able to know enough to run w/things. So hopefully I'll be able to "politically" get my point across. He said maybe on Monday we can have a meeting. I'm hesitant though because any critisism and she cries. Yes you heard me, Cries like a baby. Very thin skin. Yesterday a client was mean on the phone and she had tears in her eyes. This girl is a virgin to the world.

    Wish me luck. I'm dealing with an infant. I cannot stand office politics. It is a thorn in my side. I'm of the nature that if you can't cut the mustard, well by then. My work ethic is hard I guess. i was raised to work for your money not get it because of who's family you were. I don't hold a grudge I just want her to pull her weight.

    Anyway, happy holidays to all.

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    It sounds as though she has CONFIDENCE issues. Does she have the SKILLS to do the job? You said you can't trust her with your books? Why? Does her pay match her experience? Some people also require very explicit instructions on what is expected of them.

    Honestly, after I re-read your post, it sounds as though she entered a job that you thought she shouldn't have gotten, because she didn't earn it. Are you being tougher on her because of that? Why would your boss have to TELL you to be nice to her? I know you've said that you have "had" to be nice to her. But most sensitive people can sense whether a person is genuine or not. Most of the time from ten miles away.

    From my own experience, I've had jobs where the person who was training me had absolutely no patience. I can't learn in an environment like that. Not many people can. The old saying is "your only as good as the person who trains you". And it is true that sometimes it takes longer for someone to settle in and feel comfortable enough to go it alone. When someone in your working environment resents your presence and doesn't like your personality, it makes the job that much more difficult.

    On a positive note: The fact that she gets emotional means that she cares. When an employee cares, they WANT to do a good job. Don't blow her off just because she is an emotional person. She probably just needs a little more patience. Everyone brings something different to the table. She may not be the right "person" for the job. But you have an opportunity to show her what it means to be professional. (Sorry, that don't include namecalling)

    Sorry, I don't mean for this to sound preachy. I am a tenderhearted person who has been in hostile working environments. And I watch how people interact. I've seen so many people be mean just because they can. Yes we are adults. Crying on the job is immature. But so is being mean to others. All childlike behaviour.

    I agree that you do need to have a heart to heart conversaton about whether or not she can handle this job. Maybe you'll get lucky and she will decide that this job isn't for her. Best of luck to you!

    Again, I don't mean for this to be offensive, this is just from my personal experience.

    edit: Ive just read your profile and your other post, so I've got a bigger picture of your problem. This girl obviously wasn't qualified to do the job. But it sounds as though you are stuck with her. I'm sorry you are stuck with so much extra work! I pray things work out for you.
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