Fromnz: How About Poimae, Shepherd, or Night Watchman?

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    I loved your poem, it hits the mark quite well.
    I particularly liked the line about wishing a person would care for you, not just be nice to you. So often, niceties are superficial at times. To care for a person is a deeper depth of meaning and value.

    As far as my name is concerned - Hmm...
    As you know Poimae is Greek for Shepherd; in the New Testament, it is translated "Pastor." And I have been in God's ministry for forty-one years. I have been given, by the Chief Shepherd, a shepherd's heart for His people. Along with the commonality of the various DD we all have, I truly care for each one of you because you are a child of the King. "Night Watchman" is relevant as well for it is in the Night Watch I am interceding for you all - by Name.
    I guess I shall leave it up to all my new friends as to what they call me. I'll answer each one.

    Rest well, my sister. God's love to you.

    Poimae, Shepherd, Night Watchman :)
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    Hello Again God's Shepherd,
    I think you are going to be busier than ever, I hope you know what you have got yourself into!

    Forty-one years is a long time, it is nice to meet someone who has stuck in the 'job' for that long. Obviously with all these years of experience God has given you a big load to carry, which can't be that easy a load at times.
    You obviously enjoy what you do & seem well suited to it, even though you have to do it along with a 'thorn in the flesh', literally!

    What brought you into Ministry? Did you grow up in a Christian family?

    Thank you again for caring & getting involved with this board.
    God Bless.