Fromnz, It is in the Nightwatch I am given to write

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    Dear Fromnz,

    Delighted to meet a new friend and Sister in the Lord. To give you a quick answer to your question as to how I can write the poetry I write with eight children around me - the answer is in the Title: It is in the Nightwatch, I am given to write. Now that is the short answer. But if you want the 'total' truth, I confess the following:

    I went to bed at about 7pm - dizzy and nauseous with pain. I awoke with a groan and a jerk of my body at about 9:30pm. One of my sons happened to be in the room at the time and he told me I had frightened him. He said I was moaning in my sleep, and as he watched me, I suddenly sat up in a jerk! I hugged him and told him I was sorry for frightening him. I feel terrible over the things I put my family through at times.

    I realized the DD was building up for a big onslaught on my soul this night. My wife and oldest son (age 15) helped me walk to the bathroom. My IBS was acting up something fierce - the cramps in the abdomen were incredible! After about twenty minutes in the bathroom, I called out to my sweet "Sunshine" (my precious wife). She came and assisted me into my Study. She realized I was being called by the Lord into a NightWatch of Prayer. That is what I have learned to call these sessions of insomnia filled with pain. Instead of burning up the time watching thoughtless TV while lying in a bed of pain, I have learned, by grace, to see these times as God calling me to be before the Throne of Mercy in prayer. The deeper and longer I am in prayer, the pain ebbs away and in its place, I begin to feel a shower of His grace come over me. The fogginess in my mind clears and the blurriness in my eyes goes away. My ear begins to be super sensitive to the Spirit of God and as a line of poetry comes to my mind I type it out, then I wait. In a bit, another line comes and then a stanza. And I simply write what I receive. All credit and praise goes to my Lord and Master Jesus Christ.

    Honestly, when I first feel the beginning of an FMS wave, I run (that is a little difficult when you have paralysis, but you know what I mean) as fast as I can to my Study. I guess I am just a big chicken at heart - I want to get relief from the pain. At that point in time, the last thing on my mind is the writing of a poem. I have learned to seek His Presence before the Throne of Mercy if I am to receive any relief at all. It is only after I have been with Him for a lengthy period of time - when I am in that shower of grace, He then leads me in writing the poems I write.

    It is now 3:40am CST and I have posted the poem He gave to me tonight: "The Struggle." I hope it is a blessing to you and others.

    God bless you, my sister.

    Soli Deo Gloria!

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    I think in light of what you have written you should change your call name to Night Watchman! It is a special few that can do what you do, I struggle through the nights but would be loath to spend them up out of bed even though I lie awake hour on end. I listen to a Christian radio sation which helps me through.

    I have had my bad days & can relate to what you say, as I have lived alone many years I have had to cope alone, but God has seen my tears & helped me through many fears & brought me out to a pleasant place in my heart at present, which I am so grateful for.

    As you know with these dd we never know how long a reprieve from symptoms we may get, this is the best I have been & it is a delight for me to have been able to return to the Workforce again as a Nurse & care for people worse off than me.

    During many bad days & nights I too have written many pieces, but most have dark troublesome themes as the pain has tormented me so my did my thoughts & doubts, & unlike you God didn't bless me with that talent to rise above it, you are indeed blessed, but I am sorry you suffer so much as well.

    You are an inspiration & I pray God will give you the strength you need to carry on day by day.

    God Bless.
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    Hi Linda,

    I appreciate your kind words, I covet your prayers. I am happy for you that you are able to "work" again. I understand. But don't ever discount your service to the Lord in the way you encourage others on this board.

    Now, to your suggestion about my name: Poimae is Greek for "Shepherd" and Hopkins is my last name. I am open to your suggestion "The Night Watchman," but I would like your input.

    Your friend,

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    I have just returned from work & am tired & sore, it was nice to come on here & see your response.
    I think 'Shepherd' may well suit you after reading your bio etc, it certainly covers your job description! As for night watchman, it is indeed what you are doing & I know God will bless you for that!
    Do you get any sleep?
    I read your response to Shirl & am stunned at your intensive library I thought my family were bad enough! When we moved here (my parents & I) we had to part with hundreds of books as we downsized between us to less than half the space we had, it was hard parting with our good friends, the books, but they all went to good homes!
    I have been through two Bible training colleges here in New Zealand, 18 months in total, but never put it into the Lord's work, instead I have concentrated on my nursing qualifications, & have recently finished a Bachelor degree in Nursing, which took me several years of one paper each year!
    Your extensive studying & qualifications are very impressive & explain why you are so gifted in language for poetry, I have enjoyed reading what you have included on here so far.
    God Bless,
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    I am unsure how to address you, what do you suggest?

    I am including a poem I wrote a while back, but it isn't anything like yours or as fluid & gifted in words, but thought you might like to read it?

    I appear so normal, no one looks twice
    On the outside I look well, and seem rather nice
    No one realises I am aching from top to toe
    That every movement hurts, no one seems to know.

    I put on the outward appearance that all is well
    No one asks me, so there's no need to tell.
    I probably would lie if they actually did ask
    Because it's an invisible disease that
    came on so fast.

    I pretend I am fine from day to day
    Not letting anyone know that I'm not ok.
    Inside I am screaming for help and advice
    Someone please care, don't just be nice.

    I appear so normal and pretend all is fine
    But each day I'm walking such a fine line
    Daily activities drain all my strength
    I may look normal, but at what expense.

    It's time people learnt about this hidden disease
    It's called Fibromyalgia, and life is no breeze
    It makes you so tired, yet you don't sleep well
    It has so many problems, far too many to tell.

    I may look normal to you folk out there
    But there are many others like me, with their
    stories to share
    It is a condition that can strike any one at any
    So take care of each other, no one wants a
    disease like mine.

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