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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by rockgor, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Most of the time when I start a new volume someone else does so simultaneously. Isn't it nice there is no lack of volunteers.

    Funny how it is so much easier to keep this place tidy, fix snacks, mix drinks; as opposed to the real world, I mean.

    Ok then; take your places.

    Rosin on the bow and here we go.
    Alamand left around the ring.
    Dance all night till the roosters sing.

    Swing your partner and do-see-doe.
    Curtesy, bow and away you go.
    She's as light as ocean foam.
    Give her a kiss and take her home.

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  2. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Thank you for sneakin in so early to clean and fix goodies, isn't it grand just to snap the fingers or wiggle your nose and poof and nice, clean and well stocked porch.

    Now what were you doing up before the roosters? Or were you just going to bed? I do hope you have been able to play bridge instead of wanting to jump off one.

    Now can you find me someone to kiss me and take me home :)

    I am feeling better today, got some rest while it rained, then later took the girls for a walk, a REAL walk with me in both my tennies. I am still having a bit of pain under the big toe where the pin tried to come out, but all in all I think it was a success.

    My Dr Love was pleased, kinda of weird to see the xray with the pin still in,hehe. Now it is up to me to keep moving and get those kinks worked out.

    My finger is not as good as the foot. I don't think I will loose the nail, I really hit the side more than the entire nail. I have no feeling on the side of it and the tip and it looks bad where the nail split the skin so I have been keeping it dry and not let it get infected.

    Julie I am glad things are more understood with the inlaws. I didn't mean to be so direct but I am very passionet about abuse mental and physical. You know as a mother our instinct is to protect our children, even when they are bad, so maybe his mom is starting to understand her son is not perfect.

    I am sorry you have to go threw more medical tests and pray that is just natures changes and not anything serious. Sounds like you have a good Dr tho so hopefully if it is serious, it is caught early. My prayers go out to you and your family. You have the right attitude so you have won have the battle.

    Linda- I hope to see you back soon, you are missed.

    There goes my cell phone ringing, it's my GF that I haven't spoke to this week. She says hi to you all. I will be back later don't want to lose my post in cyberspace,lol- Carla
  3. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Well, gonna have ta get out those 'noculars and head to the
    park later! 'Posta to be about 72 degrees today, lots of bee-
    kee-knees there today. As you know, I'm "in charge" of keep-
    ing count of those kinda "statistics". (I look like such an
    innocent looking "Old Guy") Record for this day was 76 degrees in 1906, apres that big quake and fire!

    Rock: Thanxs for starting the new Volume! Have ya been able to play Bridge on the new 'puter or is that yet a poor

    Lincamp: I sent an email to Terry Jeffrey last night as it is
    on his website. Interested to see if I get a response. Don't rush off back to work until IF and WHEN you are ready! In 3 1/2 years I missed ONE day of work due to illness. Went in and worked many times when I was ill as I was the only one in the Furniture Store who knew how to touchup and
    refinish furniture! I realized how important my contribut-
    ions where to the daily operation of the business. But when
    I needed a day off to attend my nieces wedding, he was reluctant to give me the day off! ("Well, I guess you have to do what you have to do", he said.) The guy was a Berkeley Grad, lots of money, intelligent and had NO friends
    or a LIFE. I finally gave Him two weeks notice and went to work for someone else for more appreciation and money!

    Opps! Where'd I put those binoculars! It's gonna be warm and sunny b-4 I know it. A walk to the park should be healthy and rewarding me thinks! Carla-CK: Glad that the toe and finger are doin' better! Talk to awl later, K?


  4. gardengirl12

    gardengirl12 New Member

    Rock ok are you trying to confuse me two porches one for dancing
    are we line dancing or square dancing how many porches do you do at once.

    Lydia those noodles sound great i never heard of that
    i use to make home made fett and hang it on a broom stick to dry.

    Lincamp only in Buffalo would someone name their child WOLF i forgot about mayor griffen saying to keep a six pack in your car that was funny

    Ck glad to hear your feeling better boy that hurt

    mr dad last but not least what are bee kee knees

    well been reading old posts today to windy to go out side

    Hugs to everyone Linda Garden

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  5. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Glad to hear you were feeling peppy, Julie. Me too. Just walked 2 1/2 times around the block.

    Theoretically, of course, I am not home. I'm stranded 2 blocks away. But I was really walking the same two blocks repetedly so I could stay in the shade.

    Haven't walked so far in a month of Sundays. I was testing my "personal" CD player to see if it was portable. It is if you hold it level and don't make any sudden or jarring moves.

    Just think. In a little over a century we have gone from the invention of the telegraph to the computer and the laser. Science and technology are amazing as long as the laser doesn't slip into its death ray mode and wipe out two blocks of LA.

    I bought this clever device at Walgreen drug last night for ten dollars. Allowing for inflation that's about the value of a buck when I was a kid.

    Of course my income has not gone up at the same rate, so allowing for depreciation and annual ARM increases, subtracting line 32 from line 27 if you have dependants...

    Well, I guess that's pretty clear.

    Also bought an electric razor and another "personal" item called a "personal groomer". I thought a personal groomer would be a valet, but it turned out to be a carrot-shaped nose hair trimmer.

    I figured at those prices these items would be junk from China. Well, the razor was. It is going back later today. The CD player, albeit from China, I am keeping. Perfect for standing in line, the dr's waiting room, business meetings (if your hair will cover the earphones)etc.

    I had better quit before this goes up in a puff of smoke. Will be back later and talk atcha as MRDad might say.


  6. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Well,"Gardengirl" just got bac from the Park and made some Lunch for myself! In answer to your question, "bee-kee-knees"
    are those two pc. bathing suits the girls wear when sunbathing
    at the Park. Not a ONE this mornin'! Too early. Must return about 2:30 or 3:00 when temp is warmer! But, have ta take a nap first and "restup" for the return journey later.

    Rocky: Are you playin' Bridge on the new 'puter yet? My old
    classmate, O.J., appears to be in big trouble again! We shall know more about legal charges and disposition at 4p.m. (Spacific Standard Time) when the hearing resumes and the Judge makes a ruling on charges! Oh boy! But I think I mentioned that He did pay me back the .75 cents He borrowed from me while in College. Gonna be interesting.

    Lincamp: Have ya received any emails from Annie? Got one right after I returned Home expressing Her sympathy over Myrna's death. Gonna write Her soon and I'm hoping that all is going well with Her. It must have been great to meet Her in person. She is so courageous and resilient.

    Well, I'd better take that NAP and restup my eyes for my re-
    turn visit and "bee-kee-knee" inventory task!

    Later Kiddos!
  7. gardengirl12

    gardengirl12 New Member

    OK mr dad GOT IT DA silly me
    Hugs to all Linda garden
  8. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    he is usually a very humuros man...i hope i spelled that right...

    i could not sleep well again tonight so much on my mind...

    i need to go to kaiser and get a letter signed so i can i have them for the petition so i w/be allowed to get continuing student has came in handy when the exhb doesn't pay his child support...he owes$$$$ don't even want to tell ya...

    then i have ssa still owing me $$$ and the irs...they took money out of my refund to pay my exhb 1400 debt-then they took the rest to pay for his child support arearages...toward it i i was like paying for his debt to myself...double screwed.

    well i took some lodine today this morninig crawled back into bed..woke up all fuzzy headed at 1:30 pm..

  9. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i'm doing it right now...i pray it doesn't break off...i have those darn gray hairs...

    well need to rinse and towel dry my hair...then i w/highlight it...oh boy oh boy

    wish me luck

    oh the father that died is having his reception after church at the high school nice our school did that for them...

  10. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    jery's service is on saturday morning at 10 is a really good thing if he had to die this was the time for him to pass on to the otherside.

    we do not have a football game this week becasue we were the number one seeded team...technically 8 they way to do we just have to go to the quarter finals....

    i hope the little bit time his family has to grieve before anthony, his son, needs to play some football will help anthony....

    i'm sure he maybe even really angry at that point possibly that is father isn't there physically. anthony is a big young man...he just may need to let out some of his sorrows and aggressions out at that game.

    we are having the reception at the high school in the potluck for everyone...

    linda-the website is:
    if you are interested in seeing his nice family. they were making halloween cookies together this year.

    well i guess i may go to bed now..i was going to see a friend at his bar where he bartends to say hello and talk. we are friends and he knows everything i have been thru...he has three kids himself..

    my aunt sandy finally died today as well..we were not close becasue they were baptist missionaries in africa and i do not know where else...but they are originaly from michigan...i know my mother was upset by it...i think cause it is hitting home how you think you w/live forever and i believe sandy was younger than my mother.

    well i hope everyone has a nice day today...

  11. ckball

    ckball New Member

    It was dreary but warm yesterday and I cleaned house and turned the thermostat down to 68. So it was a little chilly when I got up this morning.

    Didn't think it would take me this long to get back but I got a lot done yesterday. Does anyone like to talk on the phone while cleaning? My GF of 40 years loves to. We talk about once or twice a week, she has RSD and is more house bound than I am.

    We have headsets for our phones and clean, dishes, laundry ect while we talk, sometimes 1 or 2 hours. Then when we are done, we have clean houses and it doesn't seem like such a chore.

    Then I made my first real grocery shopping trip since my surgery, I have made small ones, bread, milk and such. Yesterday I spent $102 and it was big stuff, dog food, bottled water, soda for me an mom. She loves diet Mt Dew so I keep her stocked at the NH.

    I noticed Wally's prices have already gone up. I am lactose intolerant and use Lactaid milk for cereal, pudding, cooking. But do not drink milk. It was $3.48 for a half gallon, then I have to freeze half of it because I can't use it all in 7 days. Wally's doesn't sell it by the quart. It was $3.28 the last time I bought it. That is like $7 for a gallon of milk! I don't know how the people with large familes feed themselves. It is getting outrageous.

    Julie I think what you and your group do for the people in Belize is wonderful. How many of you go and how long do you stay? Do they have a rotation schedule where others come in when you leave?

    My last boss was a real estate investor, the last year I worked he was considering buying into a resort that was being built there. I was his reseach assistant and I remember how beautiful it was. I do know most of Belize is still undeveloped, but the populated areas are so breathtaking. It is a shame you don't get to see or stay in those areas while you are there.

    I sent out my first mass fundraiser email to my fellow gallery artists about 30, and now will see what happens. I emailed the Mayor too. He was my HS civics teacher and his wife bought one of my stained glass peices for his office.

    I hope you are feeling better, I know not being allowed to return to work is a bitter-sweet thing. It is nice to stay home and spend more time with the family. Then you have to deal with all the medical issues that prevent you from doing a job you love. There is a grief that goes along with that loss. Wow another big savings, I don't take the paper so miss out on the coupon thing. But with milk $7 a gal I may have to.

    Jodie- that is so nice of the school to do everything they have for the boy's family. Why are you taking iodine?

    Rock- wow you really rocked yesterday, glad you were able to get out an walk. Is ANYTHING made in America anymore??? I hope your cd player holds up and doesn't make your ear fall off from whatever they use to make the ear peices :)

    Mrdad, better check those bi-nocks, I saw Guido with some grease, you may end up looking like a racoon after all that bee kee nee watching.

    Gardengirl- I see Linda explained the porch changes. What type of resturant do you work in? And which one are you in your profile pic. Glad to see you found us and keep visiting.

    Granni- hope you are holding up well with all your activities

    Lacey- glad you got your puter fixed, hope things are going well for you

    OK been on here long enough, need to get busy here- hope everyone can afford to keep themselves warm- Carla

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  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Just got back from my walk. It's still the a.m. and I've had my exercise and washed the dishes and taken out the trash and watered the orchids and written a letter to my aunt...whew!

    Jodie, have you talked to an atty about the soc sec situation? You know they recommend Scott Oh shoot! forgot his name. Well, click on "disability" in purple above. His office is in Arizona, but can handle cases all over the country.

    He would get a part of the amt recovered, of course, but you would get something which is better than nothing, right? If it were a Worker's Comp case he would get a penalty for failure to pay and that would cover his fee.
    Anyway, you might want to look into it.

    Yes, Linda, I could use a reminder gadget. I used to have one that worked very well. It was called a brain.

    Saw a friend recently write something on a small piece of paper and put it in his pocket. That's his reminder; he's only in his 50s, but he thinks he already has Alzheimers. His dad had it too.

    I made some notes a couple days ago so I could post here. One after your name, Linda, says "p***d**? dancing". Well, glad I remembered to tell you that.

    Julie, your fund raising noodles reminded me of the books by Philip Gulley. The ladies of the Quaker church have a chicken and noodle dinner every year to raise money.

    He also has a series of novels about Harmony. That's the fictional village. But there are actually several Harmonys scattered around the country including the one in Minnesota where I grew up.

    Church suppers were a big thing back then. The whole town came. The Methodist men put on a fabulous roast beef supper every year. The Lutherans had a lutefisk and meatball dinner you could smell a block away. (No exaggeration)

    Lutefisk is cod that has been treated w/ lye. There are still lutefisk dinners around the country, but modern lefse has lost its pungant odor. Very curious; despite the strong aroma it had very little taste.

    Carla, I read somewhere that women like to teach men how to line dance. One of the few times they can get men to do what they tell them. When I was a kid we did lots of square, round and line dances.

    Also, I may have this put on my tombstone, our generation was the first to dance to rock and roll.

    Kids who think the waltz is boring (assuming they know what a waltz is) might be surprised to know that it was once considered extremely daring. Couples actually embraced. How different than the proper and stately minute.

    Well, I still have a bill to pay. Also discovered that something I thought I did yesterday I apparently didn't. Getting so I can't tell the difference between what I merely though about and what I actually did. Tsk, tsk...

    Hokey Smokey


    (Good thing I saved this cause the first attempt disappeared into a black hole.)
  13. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Has anyone hear from Rocky yet today? He must be out walking somewhere, I suppose, or watering His Orchids!

    Julie: Ask the Good Pastor if you would be best advised to
    keep your "bee- kee- knee" under your pillow rather than the
    jammies? Less places for those taranchillas to hide! Ya know what I'm sayin? I bet ya still would look great in them!!

    Have lots to do today. But don't care much!
    Is is it just me, or does anyone else think it was TACKY to
    hear Larry King ask Marie Osmond about Her drug afflicted Son
    right after She had just buried Her Father? I think it was
    a horrible thing to bring up to Her at a time of grieving!!!
    But than again, KING is classless anyhow. There are much better journalist, better educated that have class. Time to lead that Guy out to pasture! What think yee?

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  14. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    it is only ssdi that they owe me for when i won my open case that i am drawing off from now. theynever paid me for cody for that tie...from 10/04-4/06..then they took out money for an attorney that i never used it wasl most 5900.00...i won in the intial no use for an attorney..

    i have contacted lynn woolsey's office a few times over all of this time they did get my money released quicker...but they have to pay me first then they pay for the children,(child in my case).

    i have a good attorney here in marin...

    well i need to type up a letter to give to college in regards to why i was dropping my classes and now wanting to continue student loans in the near future...

    all over being raped..uhg!

  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Been so busy lately that I havent had time to check the porch. All seemingly went very well at the Food Drive. The lady in charge said we did better than we did last year (pound wise). I was worried as our communication (e-mails after the fire, went caput) and many were away on trips and such. Glad that is all over and done with for this year. Now maybe I can concentrate on Christmas. Thanksgiving is at sons and DIL so I don;t have to cook to much.

    Just got back not to long ago from starting my Christmas shopping - what a chore even though I give some money or gift cards too.

    Mrdad- yes I agree with you about Larry King not having much class, if any at all.

    Jodie - Glad the school was helping to have the reception after the funeral for Cody's friends dad. That whole thing is so sad anyway. Yes, I used to color my hair myself too. Now I go and get it done !! I have a hard enough time puttig my arms over my head anymore. it hurts when I try and blowdry and curl my hair tht is why I call it the PROJECT !!

    Rock - Yes, that idea of that little gadget to help you remember things is great - IF you remember to bring it with you which I probably wouldn't do anyhow. Sounds like you have been busy today. BTW, I loved youlittle aquare dance slong. DH and I used to do so for quiite a few yeears till we moved. Then it was to far to go for wht we wanted to do. Shoulda kept doing it . Then maybe I wouldn't be gaining weight.

    Ck - sorry is so chilly where you are. Actually it got chilly here during the night and early morning and then warmed up. It is supposed to be in the mid 30's or low 40's tonight I think. This weather is to weird. You never know what to wear. If it goes up to the 70's that is great !!! It was pretty windy today and leaves blowing everywhere,. Even had to help dh put the leave in the trash barrel - great for the back !!

    Julie - I am sure the home made noodles tasted wonderful. I would love some but I would not moake it-to much work !!! Just talking aboauat wearing a BEE-KEE KNEE is a scarey thought. I used to have a two peice many years ago but now you can forget that - very scarely. I wouldn't even want to see myself in one ------- AAACK !! I probably could have worn one in mu 30's and 40's but not now.

    Bye now for now . Hi's also to Mrdad, Linda, and anyone else I missed - sorry !!

    Hugs to all,

  16. gardengirl12

    gardengirl12 New Member

    Hi everyone sorry iam so late today but i have been so very busy .It was a nice day here so i went shopping there is a very nice food store called wegmans and it is the size of a small city you name it they have it they even have fresh cut flowes in the rest rooms.well any how iam getting ready yfor my trip my younger and i are going to s/c to visit my older daughter and sonenlaw and 2 grand sons they are 10 and 7.

    MR DAD i was very upset to about larry king doing that to marie .did you notice her face i felt so bad for her

    granni you are funny about the bee kee i got it

    Rock watch that ear peice it could be toxic

    Jodi once i dyed my hair red and i looked like bozo the clown i had to call work and say i couldn,t come in

    linda i was going to get one of those gadgets i thought it might help me remenber where i put my car

    julie don,t forget to shake those jammeies

    carla my oldest daughter is the one in sun glasses
    my baby is in middle and iam in white at the end.
    the resturent i work at is upscale fine dinning
    i always worked in upscale you can make more money
    the name is the old orchard is on 50acres of land in the village of east aurora ny .it was once a hunting lodge over 100 years ago and an apple orchard that is where it got it,s name there are windows all around and a large pond
    it is a wonderful place. i was sorry to hear about your friend with the rsd that is so pain full.i worked with a cook that had it and that is how i know what it is .he suffered so much.

    well iam sure i forgot to say something to everyone
    i tried to take notes this morning before i did all my stuff but you all take care ttysoon.Linda garden

  17. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    be more porches like this...

    linda or ck i forget which asked me why i was taking iodine...i meant is for my back pain and inflamation...

    went to the college...i still have to write out an essay about why i withdrew from classes...made my concern of how rape advocate and psychologist did not think i should put info in writing the regards to the rape and how major depression should be sufficient....she said just talk to her about that part...or give dr. name and number...

    well i need to get cody to eat the pot of chili i made and i need a nap then i can eat back hurts...

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  18. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I think there is a Pres. Demo Debate out of Vegas tonite! This election has started WAY TOO early for most of us me thinks! What say yee? They all look alike to me and I saw a UFO one time years ago when I lived in the Sierra! Didn't tell anyone as I wanted to keep my H.S. Teaching job in that small community. It was a clear winter eve and a bright light
    moved steadily from southeast to northwest. The mystery was solved years later when I leaned that I lived in a flight path
    delegated for a number of satellites. "Beam me up Scotty"
    YOU believed me for a moment,didn't you Rocky???

    Ya know, I just lost a bunch of "stuff" I wrote!! Darn-it!
    Lots of "interesting babble" too! Lets see if it shows up anyhow and makes me look even crazier than I am?

    I'll get back wiff ya awl later, K?

  19. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Anyone here? Seems that I'm standen' on the top step of the
    Porch and no one's around? Not even Jeeves. It's Friday, so I
    suppose many are busy gettin ready for the weekend.

    I rec. your email Lincamp, and you need not become a Craigslist acct. member in order to access the website. You can just view everything on site and one only needs to log-in ifin' one wishes to respond to an ad or discussion. Very simple. So simple, as SMG would say, "even a public school student can do it"! Oh boy, the cards and letters will be a
    coming now!!! (She must still be off wiff Andy Warhol someplace)

    Going over to Marin Co. to have dinner wiff the "Lil Guys as
    they will be flying out Monday to see their Maternal Grandparents in Ohio for Thanksgiving. Want ta bring something special over there for dessert but it's gonna be hard to top those "chocolate cream puffs" I brought last time! Ya know what I'm sayin? Gonna try an find one of those traveling game kits for the Boys so they will have sumpthin' to do on the flight.
    Cleveland Rocks!!?? Then what are THEY all doin' out here?

    Well, gonna make sum lunch as I don't eat breakfast(s)! "Talk" to ya awl later, K?


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  20. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Sure glad to see I'm not alone in my condemnation of Larry King for His cold and insensitive question about Marie Osmond's Son in rehab. The media has been on the Mr. Larry
    also today. I think Donny was angry at Him also and I believe MR. Larry owes the two of them the deepest apology! What think yee? (Sorry Bill'0)!! And I'm NOT a big Osmond fan from the past! But some common sense and decency is in order here.
    Larry couldn't hold a candle to the level of values they have
    demostrated over the years to Americans!

    Boy. LindaGarden. You could "shuffle" around the three of you
    Girls on that bench and I'd still have a tuff time finding
    which one of you is the "real" Mother!! Give me three guesses please!

    Where is everyone today? It was bad enuff that I had to monitor my former classmate OJ this week and now another
    "celebrity" Barry Bonds is back on the front page. Interesting Town to live in folks!

    I'll get bac wiff ya awl later, K?

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