fructose malabsorption, de meirleir

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    so was rereading notes about his stuff and he say fructose malabsorption common cfs and related to fatty liver etc treats gut etc

    does anyone have more info on what the significance of fructose malabsorption is?
  2. spacee

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    No, I do not have any info but I will start googling and see what I come up with.

    I just had an ultrasound done of my abdomen (it was supposed to be of my adrenals...hey they both start with A) and to my surprise it came back with a fatty liver. I do not drink alcohol and I am not overweight....but I sure have lived on cokes (high fructose corn syrup) to give me "fake" energy to do things I had to do. Now my adrenals are bad too.

    Thanks for posting this. It explains my liver problems...(at least I think it does).


    Later...I looked it up and Dr. D. treats it with an extremely expensive probiotic VSL#3. You can google it and buy it online. About $80 a month (do you see me rolling my eyes ;). And I thought I was doing well with ordering ProHealth's 1 billion probiotic. Well, some probiotics is better that NO probiotics, so I will still give it a try.[This Message was Edited on 10/25/2008]
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    hey thanks spacee
    I have fatty liver too and I dont drink alcohol or eat fried food! not for many years. don't hve a g.b. though and i do eat sugar and chocolate a lot.
    dr cheney recommends vsl3 too as well as s. boularii which I have been taking the s.b., it keeps ya regular thats fer sure.
    so what does that really mean though the malabsorption thing?
  4. spacee

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    Malabsorption just means that it isn't absorbed correctly. As you see, some of it is going to the liver and not being digested (broken down by our stomachs and intestines). After it is broken down, it should be used by our bodies for energy and fat is sometimes stored for energy later. But ours winding up in the liver...isn't the place it should go. So, it is being absorbed incorrectly.

    I didn't know Dr. Cheney recommends vsl3. Well, someday I will probably try the 10 days packets. I wonder if 10 days a month is better than not at all. Have to take a look at my supplement budget. Perhaps this should have a greater priority over other supplements and that would help even out the expense.

    If we are not digesting properly, we have a major problem.


  5. wldhrt

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    This is a really high potency probiotic that is actually been studied and used in the traditional medical community for things like Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, etc. DeMeirleir and Cheney aren't the only ones using this for CFIDS. They believe that the VSL-3 helps to repopulate the gut with good bacteria, to overwhelm the bad stuff we apparently have that "leaks" into our bloodstream. There is some thought that it also is involved in gut repair.
  6. spacee

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    I mean I don't want the vsl-3 to be 4 life at the price it is....

    Inquiring mind...


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