Frustrated, and want to wring his neck!!!!!!!!!

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    I spent months running around getting my son all sorts of benefits so I did not have to worry about him being home alone once I found work. He was approved, and was assigned a homemaker to come in and assist him with various tasks. What does my son do, he tells the homemaker he does not need help, he can do all this stuff by himself. The homemaker reports this to his boss, and his boss reports it to the agency that approved the my sons case.

    My son may lose his Medicaid, Medicare, his Social Security that he was just approved for, food stamps, and a bunch of other stuff.

    I asked the agency, who was providing the homemaking services, why they were no longer coming to the house, and there response was, "your son stated he did not need help" When I explained that he did, I was told, "we will not waste the states money on people who refuse to do what is required of them, and we notified the agency that sent us."

    Pleas pray my son does not lose all these benefits. I could end up loosing hundreds of dollars if this happens because Medicaid approved his benifits starting in March. I will be reinbursed for all the medical care I paid for beging April 1, 2004.

    My son has no clue, no clue what so ever to what he has done. He is so dependent on me that having someone elese caring for him is too much for him.I know he is mentally ill and all, but some days I wish I could bang his head aganist the wall and knock some sence into him.

    I am beyond frustrated, please pray I have the patients I need because right now, I have none!

    Thanks for the prayer

    God Bless

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    I called my son's case manager form psych care, she is not surprised by son's behavior at all, she said this is typical for people with schizophrenia. She also said she would call the homecare agency and the Medicaid office and explain this type of behavior is typical for schizophrenics and he does need the help and benefits even if he insists he does not.

    keep praying his benefits are not cut.


    God Bless