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    Hi All,
    I am new on here,
    I live in Atlanta,Ga. area.
    I am acumulating vast amounts of paperwork requested by the 6 pain management clinics I
    have narrowed down from others., and I will need to fax all that stuff to each clinic.
    I have already been turned down by one clinic for reasons not stated. That last one involved a lot of calls, miscommunications,, and incompetence, and 3 weeks of this!
    I am really on the ball now, though!
    I have tried so many of the commonly tried meds,and none of those have ever worked for me.
    The only muscle relaxer that works for me is SOMA.
    I, for over a year now have been prescribed Hydrocodone APAP 5/500, 2 x daily.
    While it has been better than nothing, I realize that it still isn't much better than taking
    I hope any pain docs in my near future, will not only approve me as a new patient,
    but will also be open to prescribing serious meds, whether they come in a patch form,
    or any kind of oral med that treats the regular pain, with something additional ,
    and something stronger, and fast-acting for the breakthrough pain/flares.
    Do any of you know anything about how docs like this roll?
    How they treat folks with Fibro/CFS, etc.? I mean, those of us who have gotten NO relief
    from meds like Cymbalta, Lyrica,Effexor,Neurontin,Ultram,Ultracet,Darvocet,Hydrocodone,
    Meloxicam,Diclofenac,Skelaxin,Flexeril,Baclofen, etc.
    I need something/s that will hopefully address all of my pain needs.
    I want to have a quality of life back. I want to have a much higher level of functionality.
    Any ideas, people? From your own personal experiences with Pain Management Docs?
    What are these types of Docs willing to prescribe to patients who have not gotten any help from all previous meds tried? Are they willing to believe us when we tell them just how much pain we are in? Any med suggestions for me to research? I want to go into any appts.
    as well-armed as I can be, so to speak.
    Any info. would be much appreciated! Thank You, Fromama

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