Frustrated, had to move my appointment

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by KMD90603, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. KMD90603

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    Gosh, lately I feel like I'm doing the dumbest things. For instance, I'll schedule an appointment during a time when I have work or school, and then I'll realize it a couple of days before the appointment.

    I was so excited to have my appointment with the infectious disease doctor this friday, as I'm feeling really bad. Well, I was looking at the calendar today and had this feeling that there was something else going on that same day. Well, duh, of course there is! I have class that day from 8 to 12, and I schedule the appointment for 10 o'clock. It's like I wasn't even thinking.

    I called to reschedule, and I was able to get a new appointment for the following week...thursday, the 15th. But now I'm feeling even worse because I have to wait even longer and I'm just frustrated. And now I don't trust I'm worried that I scheduled this appointment and what if there's something else going on that day too. But, I know for sure that I have off from school that day, and I don't go in to work until 3pm...the appointment is at 9am. So, again I continue to wait. However, I should be used to waiting seeing as it's not like any of my doctors actually do anything for me. All I've done since I was diagnosed with ME/CFS is wait for someone to actually help me.

    Sorry to sound so negative, it's just frustrating.

  2. TinaJones

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    Don't apologize for sounding negative (you didn't, not at all). It IS frustrating and this is the best place to vent because we all undestand. Boy, I used to do this all of the time (make appts, have it conflict with something else, reschedule it for weeks later, etc). I've had to turn all the "calendar stuff" over to my husband. I just got way too stresssed out - trying to handle my illness, my kids and keeping everything straight...this is from a person who used to be completely, over-the-top organized. But these illnesses change lots of things :(

    How long since you got dx with ME/CFS? I got the "wait-and-see" thing for a long time, too. It's frustrating because you want your doctors to do something... Are you getting good symptom control? I really encourage you to find a good team of docs - it makes such a difference.

    For the first year or better (after getting dx), I too saw an infectious disease doctor. With the whole range of my symptoms, my age, the severity of everything - they kept thinking I had some type of ID (be it cancer, some strange virus, etc).

    Anyway, I'm sorry you are feeling so frustrated, and that you had to move your appt. I'm glad you only have to wait until the following week for your new appointment, and not weeks out. Let us know how it goes. Good luck, Kim! --Tina
  3. Susan07

    Susan07 New Member

    Thank goodness we have a place to vent!

    I keep a calendar in my purse and one on the kitchen wall. If I didn't I'd never be able to keep up.

    Take care,

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