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    I was replying to a post on the "Ethical" question. I wrote this response to "Seah" but when I tried to post it poof it was gone, both what I wrote (there was an error) and what seah wrote (moderator removed I believe and for good reason). Maybe it was God's way of telling me to leave it alone. But being the Type A that I am I still wanted to say something. Not nearly what the first post had but a little something ...

    Ethics: the principles of honor and morality; accepted rules of conduct; the moral principles of an individual;

    We are all individuals with the God given freedom to say what we want, when we want. It does not have to be liked or taken, but it is a right.

    We all have different lines we will or will not cross. We all have different morals. Individual morals.

    No one on this board has crossed that line. When a person here shares their opinion about this DD, treatments, drs, or about meds, it is just that, their opinion. NO ONE has to take it as "gospel" or the only truth. You and you alone are in charge of your health. If you are taking what others say and not checking with your dr or researching it yourself, you are doing yourself and the person who gave that opinion a huge disservice.

    It is my opinion that madwolf and others come to this site as first and foremost FM sufferers. It just so happens that madwolf is also a PA and others are rn's etc. When they are asked a question, they answer it with the knowledge they have. I have never read anything stating that they are the only persons others should listen to. They share what has worked for them and some of the patients they treat. We all share. We all complain. We all vent.

    Do I always agree with what others post here? No. Do I always like what others post? No. But I take what I want from it and leave the rest behind.

    Please, if you do not like something, ignore it. Feel free to give your opinion and move on. That's what I wanted to do, so I did.

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    very well said,
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    very well said. I was going to post a similar comment but you did it for me.

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    I am always amazed by those posts talking about the experts on this board. What experts? First, this is the internet. Everybody knows that what you read on the internet must be true........NOT!!! You don't know who you're talking to. That expert you're speaking with could be some fifteen year old kid. The only expertise to be found on this board is that which comes from experience. Having been through a procedure we can tell someone else about how it went for us but that doesn't make the procedure right (or right for you) or guarantee that anything said is accurate. You do have to do your homework and you should certainly discuss with your doctor anything you read here to get their professional opinion. You can find a lot of good information here, but don't place too much faith in it until you've verified the facts and thoroughly examined the information.