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    I have been feeling the fm symptoms sinec I was a teenager... Until, my life went to hell in a handbasket, did I realize what it was... Years of " you are depressed" finally dx'd with cfs then fm... and hypothyroidsim... I am angry at my past.. it did this to me...emotional trauma..
    now People dont get it.. My mom and dad are gone... I developed this after that...
    people think I am a whiner...or I choose my pain... heck, if I am all lit uip on ms contin and percocet and beer.. OK But my daily life is a bitch.. Had a husband that acted like a kid... met a man I liked well, he has his own problems, and thinks he needs a night out with his buddy , not with me

    I regret moving .. I mean, moving away from home... I am from chicago.. I would never make it there... I have no family and nobody really gets it...
    damn... I am just really discouraged.. Its hard to do it all alone
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    I've had the fibro symptoms since I was about sixteen, so I know exactly what you're saying. I had to base many of my major life decisions on the fact that I knew something was wrong with me. I wasn't okay. Every decision was based on this. And the disease did ruin my life.

    We didn't choose this. It happened to us. It is not our fault.

    I'm alone, too. And it's horrible and very hard.

    Lots of hugs.
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    I am so tired of feeling like garbage... Then when I do feel good..better enjoy it, cuz Ill be down for a month
    My problem is people taking me seriously... They try to compare this or that... NO I am sick all the time!!! not just pain.. I am tired, beat, dont know whether I am coming or going!! Too hot too cold.. too bright too loud.. hell, what can I do??? Nothing Now I am alone... friends that are friends when its convenient... Very alone.. Taking its told on me... very depressed I just dont know what to do anymore.. I have taken care of its my turn... Too late Undeserving??
    I dont know just sick and tired of living literally day to day cant make plans I know I will cancel them... oh hell
    just tired I have no family, no one that cares for me... Tired of fighting alone
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    everyone wants to com pare illnesses.. I had an idiot come up to me and tell me. snort vicodin! I was like, well, I passed vicodin a long time ago.. They're like M&M s he said its the high... I looked at him like he was a bug!! I don't take percocet and ms contin, to get high!! I take it because I wouldnt be able to do anything if I didnt... People are so ignorant.. There is no comparison... Pain is pain... whatever being limited when u are still young suck
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    I'm alone too. I'm older than you, but it's very hard at any age.

    I just want to post something here that I learned over these 14 years of my illness. I learned that the healthy folks I've always related to sort went on ahead without me in life. Terribly painful! Some remained in contact, but most just went away. They just cannot give up their lives to stand by me. This includes my husband of 30 years. He's long gone.

    What I learned is that if I look for friendships with people who are "more like me", so to speak, I have better luck at finding real friends. I've found great support with some other people who also deal with chronic illnesses. There are several of these friends right here in my neighborhood. We do things for each other often, even if it's as simple as bringing something along from the grocery store. People are good that way. But, I find it's the people who also have their own needs who help the most. I do for them when I can and they do for me when they can.

    I've learned there is a life within my limits. It's not what I always planned for and not what I would choose. But, it's okay. It's the life I've been given. I choose to live it well.

    I hope you can find a few people near you who can also be a support to you each and every day. You are in a tough situation. I'll be thinking about you. Let us know how you are doing.

    Hugs, Fay