Frustrated with Doctors!!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by michbusy, Aug 5, 2003.

  1. michbusy

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    I am new to this message board, but have visited and read many times. I just can't seem to get any help from my doctors. One thinks it is M.S. and another thinks it is fibro, and alast one thinks it is a Migraine inbalance issue.

    Help. Does anyone else have dizziness and feel like you just got off a boat? I don't sleep well and am constantly fatiqued. I also have tingling and numbness in my left side of my body.

    My doctor want's to put me on Topomax, I don't know what to do. I usually end up having the wierdest side effects with any meds. Thanks for listening. Mich
  2. Hippo

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    I can't offer you much advice, but I feel like I just got off a boat most of the time. The dizziness rarely leaves me. You are not alone.


    EZBRUZR New Member

    Yes on dizzy,Sleep?ha ha,get lazy anckle while walking(ya know,when the ground jumps at your feet causing U to stumble).MS possibly here too,FM 3xconfirmed,Numbness-i have to have someone *check* water temp B4 i shower.I am so sorry you too R with this challenge,at least u r here!What Types of DR R U dealing W? Have U had the oppotunity to have a second oppinion in the same field on any DX's? I am sur you will recieve solid suggestions here,there are Pro's w/this crud.Peace,Ez
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    Hi Michbusy: I'm waiting for my doc to return my call right now. Not doing good at all right now, but I decided to come on-line while I wait for doc. Your docs sound EXACTLY like mine. Have had horrible headaches since 1982, but always told it was stress. Doc said "fibromyocitis" around 1991, but not much you could do about it then except take the muscle relaxers which didn't help at all. Last year got horrible eye infection and since then have had dizziness/off-balance feeling (feel like I'm walking sideways), developed vertigo (room spinning sensation), got the headaches back with numbness in left temple and face that sometimes goes into my left shoulder and arm, and can't sleep more than a couple of hours at a time. Had to drop out of classes because I couldn't "process" thoughts, concentrate, or just plain think well. Audiologist said could be M.S. and suggested neuro. Neuro said no, everything was fine. Doc in January said fibro, but nothing every shows up on the blood tests, etc. A lot of meds don't work for me at all or have the "opposite" side effects from what is normal. I just got thru posting on Restoril about 5 minutes ago. I hope I'm not scaring you cause I know I'm rambling and am thinking kind of strange right now, but wanted you to know that I've had the same symptoms. I applied for disability back in March and am hoping to be approved within this next month. I'm pretty sure my current problem is just related to lack of sleep and maybe the Restoril. I'll try to respond back a little more coherently when I can. Take care.