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    This is the first time I've ever posted anything on this site though I read a lot of them. I am a 48-year old female who has CFS, FS and Panic Disorder and have been " sick and tired " for 7 years! My husband has been very supportive up until recently since I have had a MAJOR flare for about 3 months. I feel like I can't talk to him anymore and we are hardly EVER intimate. I understand that he's sick and tired of my illnesses and have said to him that he should walk a day in my shoes which pisses him off even more! He has been off work for almost 4 years having 2 back surgeries and going back to school now for his Engineers degree. Well, I have been working fulltime since I got sick and am now considering trying to get disability and quit work for 1 year just so I can put all of my energy into getting well. My husband will be back to work in about a year and thinks I should wait till then. I am soooooooo frustrated that he does'nt understand that if I wait I will get worse and then our marriage may fall apart with all of the resentments we have concerning each other!
    Help! A fellow survivor, Earthdog