Frustrated with the hypocondriac label

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    Hi all,

    I haven't visited the message board for a few months as I'm currently living interstate, but after my experience today, it was such a comforting feeling to be able to come here and read the wise words on this message board.

    I know I not the only one to have suffered the indignity of being labeled a 'bludger' It's not the first time and it probably won't be the last. But what I find frustrating is that despite the volumes of information now available on FM, many professionals refuse to entertain the idea that their opinions may be misguided and out of date.

    I'v been having treatment for TMJ and was told by the dentist today to 'stop saying I suffer from Finromyalgia' and that 'I will only get well when I choose to stop telling myself I am sick' and 'Haven't I heard of the cup half full and cup half empty theory?' I'm sure you can imaging or have heard the rest of the 'pyschobabble' that went along with it.

    This came about because I had decided not to visit the Chiropractor he'd recommended me to. I'd spoken to him (the chiro) on the phone about my condition and how I was managing it including Alexander technique, yoga, (isometrics on the days I can't get out of bed) and Feldenchrist. The first thing he said was there is no cure for FM and that it seemed to him I was already doing the things he'd have me doing anyway. So the choice was mine as to whether or not I wanted to see him for a second opinion. He was a lovely man and we talked for nearly an hour after which I concluded it was unnecessary.

    Well the 'God dentist' disagreed and said 'Of course he'd say that. He (the Chiropractor)is a very busy man and doesn't need new patients' and 'You should have gone to see him anyway because we all need to have our bones adjusted even it we think we're doing everything right!'

    Oh boy did I see red! Fortunately I'd taken my husband along to the apt with me as I'd had my suspicions about this man and his attitude but hadn't been able to put my finger on what it was. Well there was no ambiguity to what he was saying this time.

    I immediately stood up - not an easy feat getting out of a dentist chair when it's put back to the point where you feel you're about to slide out of it head first, anyway I managed it and fortunately, for the first time in years, my brain didn't freeze up and I was able to explain to him how my Dr and 'health team' arrived at the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia and that as a part of my 'health team' his job is to look after my teeth and address the TMJ. I was furious but maintained my dignity and my calm. I pointed out that in his mission statement (which is plastered on the ceiling as a reminder for his patients) which states that his primary aim is to 'listen, learn from, work with and empower his patients in all aspects of their dental dentisty'

    Needless to say he was furious (after he recovered from the shock) with me for having the audacity to speak up for myself and said the he'd have to refer me to another dentist as he doesn't think he can work with me if that is going to be my attitude!

    Just fine with me and considering this stage of the work (the splint) is already paid for. I will be insisting he also forward the payment to the new dentist, along with my dental records.

    Thanks for letting me get this off my chest and for being a part of this wonderful message board. I am so grateful to have you.

    Love Jana

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    Yeah Jana! I am so glad you stuck up for yourself. I know what you mean about the brain freeze. That is what usually happens to me when I get upset.

    I am not sure why these doctors and dentists feel that when they get you in their clutches they should lecture you about things they know nothing about! The level of arrogance is astounding!

    My dentist has never made any comments about FM thank goodness, but I have to remind him each time I go that I have TMJ and I only want short appointments. Long appointments cause migraines. It is written right in my files but he never seems to notice.

    I would love to know how your new splint works as I have so much pain in my jaws!

    Again good for you for refusing to listen to this idiot! You definitely made the right decision.

    hugs Redwillow
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    I have developed a spreadsheet that I score all my symptoms and it charts each and every one. As well as there relationship to each other (I work in a R&D lab. My specialty is performance testing) Here’s a link if you want to see what I started carrying in to my Dr. appointments lately.
  4. jana15

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    Redwillow despite the arrogance of the God dentist, the splint is already making a difference. it's small steps but I notice it. Like:

    I feel I have room in my mouth fir the first time since was a kid.

    I can move my jaw from side to side which was impossible before.

    I can now actually open my mouth up wide enough to see my back teeth.

    I can wear high heels (not that I want to or need to very often) like the other night when I had to go to DH's work ball. Gawd didn't I think I looked sexy!

    I have referred pain happening again like I used to have as a child (which I think was probably the start of the TMJ) Then it was diagnosed as sinusitis but I didn't have any of the other symptoms.

    The migraine trigger spots on my face and head are sore again, just like I about to get a migraine except they don't come. That could be because I'm on migraine prevention meds and haven't had one for years any way.

    I have mucky wax running out of my ears. First it was the left ear and then a few weeks later the right one started. This was accompanied with a deep throbbing (almost tichy type) pain deep into (or just beneath) my ear drum.

    Oh.... and my nose has started running. I never ged a drippy nose! I'm the only person I know who can be absolutely certain they never need to carry a hanky for the nose.

    Also, I seem to be starting to perspire again. I used to perspire before I got sick and then when I was first sick my perspiration as sickly smelling (almost sweet but still vile)and yellow. I then stopped perspiring completely.

    Finally, I seem to be getting there tiny (almost pimple like) watery sores around my jaw and on the side of my neck.

    Like I said it's early days and I am committed to seeing the process through. But I must admit, I won't miss the God dentist.

    Cheers Jana
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    WOW Beachwalkerbill,

    There's nothing like a bit of empirical research to belt out a message! What a master piece. I've only had a quick glimpse so I'm off to take a closer look. What a fantastic idea.

    Thank you

    Cheers Jana
  6. Redwillow

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    Hi Jana

    You have gotten all these symptoms from wearing your splint? Your sinuses are draining, and you can actually open your jaws? and wear high heel shoes!!! wow!

    I have to have really short dental appointments because my jaws lock and I have severe migraines. Maybe I should look into a dentist who treats TMJ!

    Right now the problem is trying to decide which direction I should throw my money! LOL

    I need to see the dentist for a cleaning, I need to go shopping for winter clothes as my meds have made me gain a whole lot of weight, bah humbug! I need to see the herbalist as my bottles of herbs are running out, and on and on it goes! What I really need is a money tree growing in my backyard! LOL

    Could you tell me a little bit more about how this splint works. Do you wear it all the time or just at night? Are you able to sleep with this thing inside your mouth?

    I have started biting my tongue in my sleep, see the post I just wrote about it tonight! Is this part of TMJ? It sure hurts and it wakes me it with a jolt!

    hugs Redwillow
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  7. jana15

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    Yep it's hard to believe but I've only been wearing the splint for 2 months. The duration I was told was between 4 to 6 months. I wear it ALL THE TIME. I only take it out to brush my teeth. After the splint, I will have to wear a partial brace to straighten my back teeth that have caved over as a result of poor dental work in my teens. Back then, dentists used to take out back teeth as a way of supposedly making room for teeth to grow straight. Well in many cases, like mine, it doesn't stop the crowding, it just encourages the adjoining teeth to grow sideways.

    Consequently, my bite is all wrong, my teeth at the back aren't capable of doing the job they're supposed to do and has no doubt been causing problems for years. So once the teeth are straight again, they will need to be build up and implants put into te gaps left from where the teeth were removed.

    Yes Redwillow, it is a costly exercise and one i didn't go into lightly. Especially given the fact I can no linger work and am totally dependent (financially) on my husband. Fortunately his take on things is that my teeth need to be corrected anyway and any positive effects it might have on my FM is just an added bonus. I am incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful partner.

    If by chance you happen upon some seeds for the money tree will you grab a few for me. I'm darned if I can find any growing in my neck of the woods :)

    Cheers Jana
  8. jana15

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    I was feeling a tad low today (2 days after the event) and was giving myself a stern talking to when your message came through. I know deep, deep down, where it matters the most, that this DD is not my imagination but sometimes I get very tired of having to remind myself after taking a blow like the one from the dentist.

    You have supplied me with loads of good advice, some I've tried but many I haven't so I'll be having a productive day checking out your recommendations and the website you suggested. Thank you.

    By the way I LOVE the pic of you in your bio. Who would ever have thought that flared body suits would see the light of day again? Personally I think they peaked too early in the '70's. You look drop dead gorgeous! Art/artistic is not simply what one produces but who and what someone is. You are creative and obviously very generous. Have a wonderful day Prickles.

    Love Jana
  9. beachwalkerbill

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    This may discribe some about the scoring system.

    The common question we have all responded to is “On a scale of 1 to 10 with 0 being no pain and 10 being the worst pain you have ever had. How bad does it hurt?”
    The problem here is, we could all can agree that a score of 0 would equal no pain. After that all bets are off. The fact is any score will be purely subjective, based on that particular person's history and current emotional state. For example, to one group a score of 10 would mean the pain of a broken arm, to another group the pain of child birth is obviously a score of 10. While a different group will base a score of 10 to be the pain of napalm, burning through 50% of there flesh.

    So measuring the complexity of pain is more objective such as

    1= noticeable pain or discomfort
    2= limitation
    3= altering life style
    4 = debilitating

    This would allow a symptom like sleep disorder be equally compared to each other or even added together to show multiple symptom like FMS or cancer with chemo and radiation.

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  10. Redshadow

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    Go Jana15!!! Awesome!!!

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