Frustrating SSDI ALLSUP Withdrew what now????????

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  1. Tiffanie1

    Tiffanie1 New Member

    I am still Shocked and I need help....

    let me take You to the start,
    I have fibromylgia,cfs,gout,oa &depression.

    As a result of theese ills I am no longer to enjoy the Old Tiffanie...I do however try my hardest to stay and do positive:)

    With all the ills I havent been able to work for Three years...

    I decided to hire ALLSUP to represent me in trying to be awarded SSDI. This was about Two years ago.

    So With Allsup doing all of the work for me...I got denied Two times.(wich I expected and was and am not shocked)

    I found out around the first part of this month I got a hearing scheduled with the Adminastrative Law Judge(For October 22nd)...This is the Third Stage...

    O I was so Happy!! Finally!! This is where alot of people get awarded...Yipiee mabye I can get the benifits I know I deserve.

    I had spoken to Allsup a few times they had called me about diffrent questions such as recent doctor visits, medications, and the lady from Allsup who would be representing me and standing in on my hearing..I even spoke to her...So as far as I am concerned everything is going well.......

    Lastnight I get a call from the lady whom WAS going to stand in on my hearing...she informs me that ALLSUP is Withdrawing from my case,the reason being,My age(I am 35) and also She didnt feel that my doctors supported me enough in my claim. There fore Allsup didnt think I would win the case.

    She also told me that the Judge who is assighned to my case,he doesnt give very many favorable decisions so he proubly would not approve me anyway. WOW!!!! Talk about shock!! I got off the phone and cried and cried...

    How could this be happening to me? did and now I have to deal with it.

    I went to my Primary doctor today and had a whold bunch of notes to talk to him about and I cried and cried to him (wich is not me) BUT he did listen and I informed him that I feel he does not support me,this I do know shocked him. After a "good" visit with him...

    he did tell me he does support me and he is going to write a letter that states I can not work. Well gee Doc Thanks!!

    I do like him verry well...But I have not complained enough to him..he saw a new Tiffanie today.

    The real me...

    not the O I am fine me.

    He did increase the dosage on my Cymbalta as he thought mabye I am a little more depressed.

    I appreciate him.....
    Now I am down to less than 30 days before my hearing and have no representation...
    Allsup thats another story...Why??How??
    Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

    And when asked How are You?? Please answer honestly!! When I ask someone How are You??? I care!!!! Thanks U all!!!
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  2. tgeewiz

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    I see that you read my post.

    If you would like you can go in and edit your post by clicking on the button just under your last line on the left side.

    If you add some spaces, I will do my best to reply. And btw, if I were the language police, you would be arrested!!! :)



  3. Tiffanie1

    Tiffanie1 New Member

    I did it yay...and Thanks again!! :)
  4. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    I am sorry that you are going thru such a struggle to get ssdi.....the stress cannot be helping anything....when I got ssdi I did it w/o any representation, but I also didn't have to appeal, so I am not sure if at this point in the appeals process if it would be better to do it w/ or w/o representation

    what I would suggest, though, is calling around to find a lawyer that could answer some of your questions.....there are pro bono lawyers out there for people with low incomes who should be able to help regardless of whether or not you wind up hiring them, and there are also lawyers that, if you do hire them, will only take a portion of your back pay, so you don't need to worry about coming up with the money now, or about it being more than you can afford

    I would write down any questions you have re what to do and gather the info that you have re your case (or if allsup still has it, call them and get them to send you a copy of everything they have), then try calling lawyers until you get some idea of what to do
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  5. tgeewiz

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    Let me start by saying that now you have too many paragraphs. JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!!!! :)

    I am sorry to hear that your attorney has abandoned you. Maybe there is a way you can sue them or at least file a complaint against them with your state board. They should have informed you months ago if they were going to drop your case.

    But, here are a few things that you can do to try to win your case.

    1. Not only have your doctor write a letter stating that you can't work; also have him state the reasons why. Dizziness, depression, fatigue, etc... One thing that helped me win my case was that my doctor stated that "for every hour of work, I would need two hours of rest." Maybe this will help.

    2. Find a new attorney in your area who specializes in disability. Remember that most of the work has probably already been done for them. If you can't find one, I think that there is an attorney list somewhere on this website who can help. I believe his name is Scott something and he is in Arizona.

    3. Read all the tips under the SSDI info. in bold at the top of the message board.

    I hope this helps.

  6. jasminetee

    jasminetee Member


    I know you feel bad and scared now but I really think that this will all work in your favor. I didn't like the way Allsup was (not) handling your case after everything you've told me. This way you don't have to pay them anything, right? The main thing is that you have that letter from your doctor. Keep after him to write it if he hasn't. That's what you really needed in order to get Disability anyway.

    I know it's more scary because of what they said at Allsup but for one thing they're wrong about you being too young. I was 35 when I had to file and many people younger than us have become disabled by Fibro and CFS. Disability doesn't just happen to older people.

    You can also put your post on the Disability Board here at ProHealth if you haven't yet. There should be good support and suggestions there too.

    I suggest reading the articles here at ProHealth for Disability too if you haven't yet. Since this is your 3rd try, I'm guessing that means it's your last try? It may be a good idea to look for a lawyer right away. I think I would in that case although I really think you can get it without one as long as you've done everything you need to.

    What happens if you're denied this time? Can you still try to get it?

    I don't know how it works at a trial for SSDI. Are you allowed to submit paperwork to the judge or someone there? If so, I would make sure to make a Journal showing your daily symptoms from now until then and make it easy to read by using symbols with a key. It's important to write how you were unable to do daily chores etc... because of the pain or other symptoms.

    I've been doing really badly so don't know when I'll be in Chat again but I'll try to catch you in there. Take a deep breath and know that my prayers are with you.

  7. street129

    street129 New Member

    it sounds like they feel that they will not get any money out of you, at this time all they are seeing and wanting is cha-ching.

    they have started to turn for the worst, if you're a certain age [younger than 35] they will not keep you, they see no money for them, they feel like they are losing more than getting, maybe they will start using a baseline to go by.

    well i went and did my disabililty all by myself, and won of cause, i had noone to gave that huge check back to, but

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  8. Debra49659

    Debra49659 New Member

    Allsup did the same thing to me!! Get your file from them and call an attorney ASAP. Allsup dropped me for my age and not enough support. I called an attorney and won my case in May 2009.

    My attorney was not impressed with the way Allsup handles clients so do not think you can't win because Allsup said so.

    Call an attorney that deals with disability cases.

    Best of Luck!
  9. skeptik2

    skeptik2 Member

    Here's what I would do; I would go to the ALJ hearing myself, taking the letter from
    your doctor with you (be sure to make copies of it for the judge, and the other
    two people there that will evaluate you, and keep the original for yourself!)

    Let them know that ALLSUP erroneously dropped you just before your hearing,
    and that you have irrefutable proof of your disability. Ask them to RESET your
    hearing for another day while you get your records from ALLSUP and get new
    representation if they have any doubt of your disability.

    If they let you, give them your last job description with a list of reasons why
    you can no longer do each of the tasks. Be sure to emphasize the cognitive
    problems you now have (if correct), and how they prevent you from taking
    sequential instructions (do you forget step 3 and 4?), how you can't sit for
    longer than _____ minutes without terrible pain; how the meds you take
    allow you to function only minimally; how you try every way you can to get
    a good night's sleep, but keep waking from either pain or 'energetic' feelings
    when you should be sleeping; how lifting a gallon of milk is so difficult; how
    others now help you with laundry and vacuuming; how working at a computer
    causes severe headaches; how, because of such poor sleep, you cannot
    stay awake during the day; how, if you have to be active (like going to a
    drs app't, or to get a few groceries, you require 24-30 hrs complete rest on
    the sofa or in a bed in order to recover; how talking on the phone depletes
    your energy in a devastating way for hours on end; how you might make it
    through one day of work, and need a couple of days off to recover; how....
    well, sorry, long paragraph, but you get the idea. Print this out if you can!

    If you have an old calendar, transcribe any dates on it where you went
    to drs, for tests, any results you might have, etc., as these all show you
    are trying to get the best medical care and comply with instructions, but
    remain unable to function normally.

    Meanwhile, find a SSDI specialist attorney if the judge does not approve
    you, and appeal immediately! In fact, ask for an appeal date if you go
    to see the Judge by yourself and they don't let you do the above.

    If I were you, I'd throw the 'age discrimination' claim in there, too, and
    just mention the ACLU!

    best to you,

  10. skeptik2

    skeptik2 Member

    Why is 40 the cutoff age? Does this apply to employment or
    health issues? The SS admin. does not discriminate based on
    age, does it?

    Please clarify.

  11. hannahfaid

    hannahfaid New Member

    I contacted allsup... They stated they couldnt help me because I am well enough to pet sit!! LOL Ok I go, fill a couple bowls, play with a pet... ok Im there 15-30 minutes.. The animals make me feel better.. BUT NO Im "working"... HUH? ok if you call getting a gig for 100 or so every couple months! LOL I contacted another place havent heard back yet
    I gave up my mobile grooming business because I couyldnt do it anymore Cant stand over 20 minutes cant sit thru a movie I am constantly tight muscles whatever if I dont have a limb hanging off I am not sick

    do I sound a little bitter?

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