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    Hello everyone!!! I am new to the boards but I have been reading them for some time so before I even start I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of you. Feeling my worst these days, at least I've been able to come here and feel assured that I'm not losing my marbles. The past several months have been very bad for me physically. I was having fairly severe joint pain for many months, trigger point pain, odd cognitive symptoms, etc. and, as advised by my physician, I was tracking the pain for several months so I could present something tangible to the rheumatologist. In September, I could no longer take the pain in my sinus, so I went to see the ENT as I had been advised in the past due to my history of ear infections. He saw that my sinus was inflamed, yet curiously, not infected. He gave me a steroid shot up the nostril (really interesting experience, really) and sent me on my way with a six day supply of low dose prednisone to reduce the inflammation. I took it and couldn't believe how great I felt! The day after I stopped taking the prednisone, I developed a bad rash on my back and, the day after that, I started to feel this annoying tightness in my throat. Still, I pushed on even though I did not feel well. The first week of October, we drove to Massachusetts, lots of traffic, and walked Boston all weekend visiting colleges. I was so exausted, I thought I was going to die, and was more frightened by how I couldn't snap out of it. It was around this time that I noticed that I could no longer wear a bra because it was irritating me to no end. Two weeks later, I was rushed to the hospital with a kidney stone, which may have been from the calcium supplements I had started taking weeks before. I was making dinner one night in October, thank God the kitchen is just a short crawl from the den sofa, and I went right to the phone and called my internist for an appointment the next morning. I have had every test imaginable in the past several weeks (endo, ent, extensive blood work, hematologist, xrays, thyroid ultra sound, neck xray to name a few) and yesterday was diagnosed with larngopharyngeal reflux (I made the ENT write that one down!). ON the way home from the ENT, as I was driving (another thing I now hate to do), I felt like I had a sunburn all over my arms and back..great, just, great add that to the oddball symptom pile--after all, what's another glass of water when you're drowning! Anyway, as I await more results (ANA for Lupus), I dreat the frustrating thought of seeing one more doctor who just isn't getting it. I thank all of you for all the valuable info you put out. I am so glad you guys are here.
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