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  1. CrymznWych

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    Well, I just got my notice that I've been turned down for disability. It took them nearly a year to come to the conclusion, regardless of my medical history, regardless of even the statement of their evaluator (I was sitting there when he dictated his findings), that there is no reason why I shouldn't be able to just load up on pain meds and asthma treatments and keep standing on my feet 8 or more hours a day.
    Doesn't matter to them that the meds I have tried didn't help the pain, but caused other problems. Doesn't matter to them that pain meds don't do a thing for the crushing fatigue I feel, or treat the other problems that go along with this damn disease.
    I had myself a good cry, then called a lawyer. I know what I'm feeling, and I'm not going to let some clowns sitting off in their office tell me I'm fine when I know I'm not. It's a fight they want, it's a fight they'll get.
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    I got turned down twice, then got a lawyer, had a hearing and won with "cfs caused by hep c". Getting turned down for these "vague" chronic disease is normal, otherwise every bum out there would be faking the easy-to-fake symptoms and getting it. You'll just have to wait, is all. That's bad, sure, but just make sure you keep complaining all your symptoms to your doctor and that he documents all of them. And it may help to look at SS's definition of your disease and see what symptoms they are looking for. Some you may not realize you have like "swollen lymph nodes", for example, and you'll want every little thing documented.

    good luck

  3. Catseye

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    Yeah, I had their stupid shrink examine me, too, and even though I told her I couldn't hardly walk and just coming to the appt was severe exhaustion for me she put down that I was able to work. I was stupid, too, I actually thought she was there to help me.

    It was just under 3 years from the date I filed to may hearing. Now I'm good until 2008, I believe. But I keep going to the doctor occassionally and complaining like I'm expected to. It's not like I have to make anything up but it's embarrassing as now I'm known as a hypochondriac because all my blood tests are normal even when it feels like a vital organ is on the verge of failure.

    At least I'm in a country where I can live like a king on disability; I certainly couldn't do that up there. We went to the grocery store today and everything's so cheap we got everything we wanted and didn't have to "budget" at all. Incidentally, I hadn't been to the grocery store for quite awhile, but I was able to go today and walk around for the whole time and end up in the checkout line with my husband. That's when I went to the car. I was on my feet for about 20 minutes, that's a record for me!

    good luck, document EVERYTHING, keep a journal

  4. CrymznWych

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    I have over 5 years worth of recent medical documentation, plus evidence that the problem started over a decade ago, but since I have been unable to work for a year, I have no income or insurance, so I haven't been able to afford to go back to my regular doctor. I'm applying for aid, but that means a new doc (my regular one isn't on that system).
    I was quite surprised at the verdict, I was sitting in the room with the doctor that did the medical evaluation, I heard exactly what he dictated to the SSI system. He concurred I have problems. The thing is, there is yet another doctor who's in the same offices as the claim adjuster, who also evaluates the reports. That's who apparently decided I can work.
    It's documented that I haven't been able to take the prescipts my doc's tried so far due to various reactions/side effects. All the issues fibro has caused me, everything pretty much is in my records.
    It's sad this isn't enough, and that so many people are forced into a fight for what is basically their own money.
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    i have CFS and stress is a huge factor for CFS and FM and the more we have to worry about finances the more stressed we become the more stress the sicker we get it is a never ending vicious cycle. i have only just began fighting with short term disability i can't imagine the road that lies ahead. you would think they could see we have been fighting these diseases for a long time and have spent a lot of our own money to doctors for treatment to get to the point of finally deciding we need financial help. this make me are all in my prayers.
  6. lin21

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    for what you are going through, I know, I went through the same thing, it was truely the worst time of my life, I was never so low. I had no income, couldn't apply for unemployment and was going through this.
    I did hire a lawyer and win my case but a word of advice see if you could get an advocate first. I paid over $5k to that jerk and i swear him and the judge had something going, I caught them winking at each other!!! They do want you to fight though and I know how hard it is when you are so sick to get the strength. It's sad they give it to druggies and alcholics first!!
    Good luck!!!
    I'll say a pray for you.
  7. CrymznWych

    CrymznWych New Member

    I've been fighting with the depression involved for some time, thought I had a handle on it till I got that damn notice. Now the depression is worse, to the point of dispondency, along with other symptoms going nuts. I wonder if I can sue SSI for emotional stress? Probably not, but I'd love to. I'd thought about advocacy, but where do you find one? There are attorneys here who specialize in this sort of thing, and charge nothing unless they win, and I believe they are capped as to fees by federal law.

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