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    Well I just got the first of my "Lyme" labs back. This one is from Fry. All of the antibody tests are negative (babs, bart, erlichia, anaplasma), but the picture says:

    "Few coccobacilli adherent to erythrocytes indicated with an arrow. This is suggestive of Hemobartonella or Mycoplasma spp. This stain is not FDA approved and is for Research use only"

    Interesting eh? I don't have an appt with a LLDM for another month or so, but does anyone know about this test/lab? How reliable is it for them to call this visually based on a slide? My mycoplasma IGG is really high, but Hemobartonella actually appears to maybe be a different bart than the bart that comes with lyme? Anyone?[This Message was Edited on 06/03/2008]
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    So today I got my results that were sent to Dr. Jadin. She practices in S. Africa and treats CFS patients with antibiotics for Rickettisa and Chlamydia infections.

    My tests from her came back pos for R. conorrii, R. Mooseri, antibody IGG pos for mycoplasma pn. and IGA/IGG pos for Chlamydia Pn. Lab interpretation is positive for both rickettsia, past infection of mycoplasma, current chronic infection of Chlamydia Pn.

    Oh and my IGE level is very high. Must be really alergic to something...

    The plot thickens...

    Still waiting on my IGENEX, CD-57, and HLA tests...

    Looks like one way or another I might be trying antibiotics soon...
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    That's all very interesting. Please let us know more when you get the results. I've heard good things about Fry labs, but have also heard the results can be mixed and you need to know what to do prior to testing, for example. I hope your LLMD can sort this all out for you. It will be very helpful to hear that report. Thanks for sharing. I too, will be very interested in your IGENEX testing.

    Good luck!
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    Well yeah the fry labs thing is confusing... I really don't know what it means. I was told to send my stuff there by the Lyme association in my state. Of course the results are only useful if you have someone to interpret them. I had a relative who is a Dr. order all the lyme tests they suggested so I can have them before I see a LLMD. What is the story behind Fry? Are they a legit lab? Maybe I'll have my Dr. relative see if he knows any pathologists here that can do a stain/smear to confirm. I guess I just don't know who to trust anymore about this stuff...

    I have also seen another CFS specialist besides Lerner and he says I need to do IVIG and that I don't have lyme and he doesn't believe in CDC negative lyme, but he also admits hes not an expert. I don't really care one way or another, I just want to get better. Argh!!!
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    I just posted this on the CFS board, but this is what I have:

    I have an appt set up with Dr. L in Saginaw, but he had a 3 month waiting list. So I am on track to see him in August, or sooner if he gets a cancellation. I had a relative who is an MD order me the Lyme tests that were recommended by the MI lyme assoc when I spoke with them. The results are interesting and confusing at the same time. I am trying to talk to as many people to figure out what it means...

    So far I have tested positive for 2 strains of rickettsia, possibly Chlamydia Pn, possibly mycoplasma, and maybe lyme... My IGENEX was positive IGM and IGM for band 41, IND for IGM band 23-25, and band 39. My previous lyme tests through quest/labcorp/and stonybrook were only positive for IGG band 41.

    My CD57 test is "borderline" at 57, with 60 being the low end of normal, and my HLA type is not associated with treatment refractory lyme or mold illness, but is associated with a tendency to "low MSH". As to what does that mean? I have no idea. I am trying to sort through shoemakers book, my haplotype seems much less well defined than the "dreaded" CFS types, the "Lyme" type, or the "mold" type. I guess thats good news, but who knows..