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  1. scotlandrose

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    In my last phone appt. with Dr. Sharp, he called me from home so he could talk freely. He left the FFC because they are very particular on what they will and will not use to help people. DR. Sharp feels you should use everything available to get better. They were telling him what he could and could not do and he did not like it at all. That's the 411.

  2. Susan07

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    I have often wonder if I should go to one of these FM clinics - hummm, maybe not!

  3. namow

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    Have you seen him at his new office??? I am considering to follow him
  4. deliarose

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    but I think the protocols they are using are right.

    I am making terrific progress on anti-virals, a new sleep med Xyrem, green supplements for detoxifying, anti-oxidants for the oxidative stress and Vit D for rebuilding the immune system.

    If you look at Rich Carson's post ..he is tackling much the same thing as teh FFC treats.. ie stealth infections, either bacterial or viral, toxins, sleep...and building up the immune system.

    If you are leery of the FFC, why not try an alternative doc who uses these protocols?

    I found one by word of mouth on this board. Thank god.
  5. pawprints

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    Thanks for keeping the patients up to date. He is a very caring physician.
  6. JulieO

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    ...if he mentioned what are these "acceptable vs. unacceptable" treatments? Or even just give you a general idea? I also go to an FFC (Dallas) & my physician is wonderful at trying new things if something isn't working. I do know that the other dr. in the Dallas office is also leaving the center...so it appears that strange things are afoot!

    I would *really* hate to find a different doctor right now! Although the FFC prices are high & my insurance isn't covering what they should be, my doctor is wonderful. I still have many symptoms but I'm a lot better than I was when I first started going. I was able to return to work part time at the end of April & hopefully will be able to work my way back up to full time.

    So, just wonderin' if Dr. S gave you more info?

    Much thanks :)

    PS Are you seeing a new dr at the Ft Worth FFC? Or someone else? Maybe I will go peruse through your past postings to see.

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    Yes, also curious what you will be doing about seeing Dr. Sharp?
  8. scotlandrose

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    I would follow him to the ends of the earth. He does not think the FFC's are doing anything wrong. He thinks they are just too strict in choosing what they offer as treatments.

    For instance, Dr. Sharp will send me to another doctor for a treatment if he thinks I need it and he is not trained to do it, i.e., accupuncture, Laser Detox... He wants his patients to get well no matter what.

    Another for instance: we both use a Chi machine. It is FDA aapproved etc....we have both found it helpful. The FFC's will not get them, suggest them, mention them or anything. Why not? He says there are lots of things the FFC's don't or won't do/use.

    That does not mean they are not great! They just do things their way. Every doctor does things their own way.