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  1. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    Hi Joy

    New Post!!

    I checked the time difference and you're 5 hours behind so how about tomorrow afternoon for you?? I have to go to my Mum's hopefully, so after dinnertime for me would be good, anytime in the evening. Or we can make it later in week.

    Poor John, Yikes, I dont mind the dentist, like keeping my teeth as good as poss but 3 injections and nothing, dont think I'd let them go ahead.

    I think it's good you're getting to see your rheumy though I understand your apprehension Joy. It is very hard for us to see specialists as your Welsh friend has told you.

    There's an article in the M.E. Action monthly magazine I get and it says ...50% os Welsh GPs surveyed still dont accept existence of CFS/M.E. 120 surveys were sent outto GPs and 197 were filled out by patients. Brilliant.

    We dont have a stove Joy, it's an open fire and we burn wood. It's illegal, we're supposed to burn smokeless fuel which is really expensive. Besides, we live 3 miles from the largest Shell BP Refinery in Scotland that spews filth into the air night and day. They prefer to pay fines to the council rather than let out the legal amount of emissions, it's actually more cost effective for them to break the law. We dont put fire on til 5pm and if anyone ever complains I will be ready for a fight. lol..

    I wandered into the garden for 15 mins today, it's sunny but I had a warm coat and sunglasses on, not comfy so came back in. God I hate the cold, just cant take it. About the wet weather front, yes, I feel worse with the damp weather and we get lots here. Not been too bad lately.

    Let me know when it's okay for you Joy.

  2. Fudge43

    Fudge43 New Member

    I thought I was losing my mind (common occurance for me .. practically on a daily schedule ? haha ) .. couldn't find the previous post but thought it was getting long too .. good idea to start another one !

    Yes .. tomorrow afternoon should be good for me .. we do our errands in the morning when I have some energy .. so we should be back by 1 PM .. any time after that should be fine .. just nail a time and I'll be there !

    The contradictions in fuel regulations are ridiculous at times .. I can certainly understand how you guys feel ! We have air quality testing on our vehicles .. the boys have trucks and I have a small car .. yet the city buses and big trucks spew crap out all the time .. makes no sense that we have to go through all of the testing .. pay for it and there they are doing that .. the world is one huge mess and having just a few countries or people follow these rules doesn't help at all.

    It is very sunny here .. not too cold .. sunny days make me feel like I should be busy doing something productive .. there is nothing worse than feeling bad on a sunny day when all you want to do is head your head under the covers and be left alone ? haha

    I only have a little time frame to whip the garden into shape in the Spring without it getting hot and humid .. that really kills me .. John helps with the clean up but the plant hunting and quirky designs are my department ..
    I bought a few bags of smooth ornamental river rock to make a new path way .. those bags are HEAVY .. so I know I have to have help with that .. I think we finally break down and buy a wheelbarrow .. I've wanted one for a few years so this year that is it !

    It must have been nice to get some fresh air in the garden Janet .. but I know how you feel about the cold .. it makes you stiffen up .. which in turn becomes painful .. we have such a small comfort zone it is ridiculous. We get too cold or too hot at a drop of a hat !

    Ok .. I better wrap this up .. let me know what time is best for you and we'll get sorted !
    Take care ! Chat later ! Joy : )

  3. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    If 2 is okay by you then it will be 7 here and thats fine for me or later if you like.
  4. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    I was in Collingwood for 9 months before going out to Vancouver and the humidity in summer was awful.

    I'm hoping Tom will get garden into shape this year too, he has little paths out of this rocky stuff but last year he let them get overgrown so I've asked him to get them sorted this year.

    Tom gets SO angry at the buses, we have a good bus system here too Joy but most of the time the buses are half empty and they're running around town with all that filth spewing out, just like you said.

    I'm just frozen to the bone today, think it's because I was up til after 5am last night so I'm very tired too. Hope T makes the fire soon.

    Hope we manage this tomorrow, shouldnt be too hard. haha.

  5. Fudge43

    Fudge43 New Member

    I just have to put a reserve sign on here for 2 PM
    Janet .. haha ... John is on here more often than I am .. he plays "Pogo" games .. trying to keep his mind active ? haha .. so what happens to his mind when he is in his boat on the lakes i have no idea ? haha

    Did I tell you we lived on Vancouver Island for a couple of years too ? .. Actually the air base in Comox .. next to Courtney. So you know how bad it can get here in the summer .. it is "smother time" in the summer .. I really hate the humidity .. you feel like you are moving through a wall of hot water when you are out. We have ductless AC and I am so grateful for that relief it isn't funny ..

    I underatnd how you must feel from the tiredness and the cold .. once you get like that it is really hard to get warm enough again .. our bodies are so messed up it is like asking the impossible for a little nonmedicinal comfort such as a normal body temperature ! haha

    Ok .. 2 PM for me here .. 7 PM for you over there .. and it was the CFS room right ?
    Take care ! Chat later ! Joy : )
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  6. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    I was 5 years in Vancouver and never made it over to the island, I made it down to California a few times but never to the island. Now I'd like to live there. ha ha.

    If I won a great deal of money I'd take all my family and move there, dream on.

    You must have loved it there, I think the West coast is SO beautiful and healthy.

    Tom made my dinner tonight and it was the worst he's ever made Joy, I'm still tasting the burned food one hour later. ha ha. It was a stirfry and he BURNED it!!! I shouldnt complain, I know, how lucky am I to have someone make my meals for me but YUK!!!

    Yes we'll meet in the CFS room and if thats not empty we can go elsewhere. Wait on me if I'm late but wont be.

    I'm going up to my Mum's tomorrow, havent been up for over a week and she only lives a 1.5 miles away. She wont ever come here, I've always got to visit her even though Tom would bring her here and take her home. Just her way.

    Speak to you tomorrow - or today depending on when you read this. I'm having a break in between the two episodes of Cornation Street.

  7. Fudge43

    Fudge43 New Member

    Wow ... for some one that can't drink any more I feel like I have a hang over headache .. right above my right eye .. I think it is the beginning of that wet warm weather front sneaking in ... warm means just above zero here Janet ! haha ..

    Vancouver Island .. the play ground for the RICH .. John was training in air traffic control when we were there .. it was absolutely beautiful .. skiing-fishing-golfing all year round practically .. John's dream ? haha
    We thought we would move there too if we won the lottery .. now we would make a lateral ? move .. house near one of the lakes .. with enough property for ALL my garden fantasies ! haha ... come on lottery !

    I had a great giggle out of the burnt dinner issues .. some times when John is cooking I get freaked out over the mess and even clean up after he "thought" he cleaned .. a bit of the OCD rearing its ugly head ... sigh

    He is a good cook though .. so if anything is going to get burned in this house, it is me doing it ! haha .. I have had that smoke alarm singing like mad some days ... haha !
    Ian is a good basic cook too .. although his choice is 'fast food" most of the time .. I can't tell you how many lectures I have given him on how bad that crap is .. once in a while is fine .. but he is constantly in to it .. if you see a movie called "Failure to Launch" that is us .. our bird just won't leave the nest ! haha

    It is funny about your mom .. don't we all get "funny" as we get older .. I dread "seeing" myself in another 10 years ! haha

    I am a Coronation St. fan since I was about 9 or 10 .. that and a bit of Eastenders is the only "soap" I watch .. I can't stand the American ones .. and don't care for the Aussy ? ones ..
    My friend over there tells me what is going on .. we are way behind you guys .. and more so with the Olympics shutting us out for 2 weeks .. you don't want to hear my opinion on that one ! haha

    Shelly is still locking herself in the bedroom .. the old bird is going to sell her house for the hip replacement operation .. Tracy is such a spoiled brat I can't stand it .. Steve is a gutless wonder .. Liz ... good grief what can you say about her ? TART ?? haha .. Bev .. a mother to Shelly .. good one !! another old TART .. haha ..
    Cilla and idiot-man .. too funny ! ... it goes on and on but I love it ! haha

    Ok .. got to wrap this up now .. meet you at 2 !
    take care ! Chat Later ! Joy : )

  8. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    My friend Shelley, a Canadian I travelled Europe with in early 70s, well she married, hub became millionaire, they split and she now lives on the island with fireman partner. They have house on the water and boat.

    She's a lovely person and had a lot of rubbish in her life so she deserves it but I guess, yes, she's pretty rich in comparison with me anyway. Nice life she has now though. Probably have to be a good lottery win to get there but I would probably stay in Scotland or go over to France, doubt if I'll ever have the choice. ha ha.

    Tom is a great cook Joy, dont know what happened last night, maybe he's getting too old ha ha. He's only 48, my toyboy.

    He's off to do grocery shopping then we're going uptown to get my Mum new pots and pans then out to see her. Picking Erin up, she works as a caregiver closeby my Mum's place, and she's coming for dinner. My goodness, even the thought of it is exhausting me lol.

    Iain is quite right to stay home, Reni lasted til he was 21 then moved his girl in and that was enough, time to get your own place kid!!!!!

    Corrie - that stuff with Shelley and Charlie did my head in - I used to almost scream when she was on, it was the same with Martin and his young teenage girlfriend - I used to put the mute on until they were offscreen. ha ha.

    Will be on at 7, 2 your time if my deductions are correct.I'm panicking that they arent right, will you check just in case. I worked out that we are 5 hours ahead of you.


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  9. Fudge43

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    ToyBoy !! that was too funny Janet ! .. You will have to tell me how you guys met some time. John is 52 (Valentine Baby).. I'm 49 till October .. Ian is going to be 26 the end of this month .. then we have our 29th anniversery in April ... time has gone by so quickly the last few years .. that happens when you get older .. I guess our "clock" is a bit skewed ? by age ? haha

    I don't indulge in much .. so lottery tickets are a bit of fun ( certainly within a budget .. Scottish blood in control again ! haha) .. You never know what might happen .. my only fear is I'll be too old or too sick to really have some fun ? .. I can find a worry to every proposition .. worry-wart by nature !

    I think the old referee is up now .. best go have a chat !
    Talk later ! Joy : )

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