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  1. Rosiebud

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    Hi Fudge

    Rosiebud here. Have finally, I hope, fixed my computer. Scared to go into email in case I unleash the VIRUS again. Will be in touch soon I hope.

  2. Fudge43

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    I haven't really been looking on this forum much .. between Molly being so ill and the stress of it all .. I drag myself to the bed a lot more lately.

    I know this must be driving you crazy with the computer .. I didn't realize it was a virus that shut you down .. we have so many security protocals and firewalls on this one we forget other people's pcs get zapped .. it must be so frustrating !

    Not much has changed here .. I'm nearly going mad trying to get Molly back to almost normal .. she has lost so much weight I feel like crying when I see her. We started the steroid medication yesterday .. we had her in to be checked .. they injected fluid under her skin again (we had her in the Friday before this Mondaydoing the same thing to keep her hydrated ).. it has been tricky getting the pill down her but John managed with me ..
    The problem is waiting for the med to kick in so she will drink and eat again .. I'm not sure if I told you the other med shut her down .. the vet said it is a rare reaction but she had it big time ..
    I'm (we) doing everything possible for her .. if this doesn't work there are no more options .. we have to face the fact we will have to put her to sleep .. we won't let her suffer and die like that. It is so hard Janet .. and I now you know how it feels .. I have a lump in my throat most of the time.
    I have the neuro appointment tomorrow and I wish to hell I didn't have to go .. I'm such a basket case right now ..
    If she can hang on another 48 hours we might have a chance.

    I'm sorry .. I must sound so morbid .. after all you went through with your Rosie you don't need to be reminded of it with my situation.

    In any case .. I'll look on the board to see if you got this .. I'm so sorry the pc is such a mess for you .. hope it gets better too !
    How are you doing ? .. other than being cut off from the world ? haha .. I would be bonkers too without the ability to cruise on here too .. hang on woman !
    take care !
    Joy : )
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  4. Fudge43

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  5. Fudge43

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    It is 6 PM here Janet .. so I imagine you have gone to bed by now .. got the second pill in Molly ( second day of meds ) .. phew ! .. she ate a little as well .. I think the prednisone is starting to work a tiny bit .. hopefully tomorrow we may see a little more improvement ..
    The heavens opened up here this afternoon and it POURED .. haven't been out in the garden to see what got beaten up from it all .. most of my plants are pretty hardy against the elements though ..
    I really just want to get tomorrow over with .. seeing a new doctor .. neuro or not .. is un-NERVING once again .. I don't think he will tell me anything different than my GP has really .. they just don't know enough about the fibro to say .. yes .. that is a typical symptom .. not to worry .. etc ...
    Ok .. I better get going here .. hope the computer is on the mend too !
    Take care !
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  6. ilovecats94

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    Hi, what has happened to Molly? Haven't heard from you for a long time. Sorry I haven't kept up with you and Janet.

    Hope you and Janet are doing okay. Sorry Janet, that you have been having computer problems.

  7. Fudge43

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    Hello Faye
    Molly .. Lucy also (but she is 7 years younger than Molly who is 14) .. started being a bit ill since January .. vomitting ocassionaly .. Molly with a bit of diareha .. had all sorts of tests done (nearly the $2,000 mark by now) .. nothing was found .. we were stumped .. recently we left the original clinic .. not happy with them .. had the chance to have an ultra sound done on Molly .. she was the worst, and by then Lucy was fine (excluding a few hairball episodes).. this other clinic had more resources the vet we saw was absolutely wonderful .. so we transfered the girls records there and stuck with them ..

    But Molly was not getting well and loosing a lot of weight and we were WORRIED she was going to just fade away on us .. so the vet went through everything with us all over again from the start of this .. the best diagnoses which we all agreed with was the cat version of IBS/Chrons ..
    Started her on "Flagil" anti biotic/inflamitory type med .. within 3 days she completely stopped eating and drinking .. she had a rare reaction to the med that does this .. I was nearly crazy with worry .. hubby was great support but I'm too empathetic for my own good .. got her in right away .. got fluid injected under her skin last Friday .. got her in the following Monday .. another fluid injection and started on prednisone (steroid) getting the pill in has been tricky .. you know cats ... in any case .. today, this morning that is, she is more like herself .. but so thin .. hoping she will eat more today and put some weight on .. the steroid is supposed to make them hunrgy and thirsty .. so waiting for that to fully kick in .. we have special canned food for recovery from illness for her .. so it is a matter of her EATING more.

    It has been such a long battle since January .. with no definitive answers .. we could have had biopsies done on Molly but she might not have survived the operation .. our new vet wasn't pushing it at all .. not like our previous vet who was in it for the MONEY ..

    In any case .. that is what happened .. I'm drained even writing about it all again .. such stress !
    I have to go get ready for the apointment I have this morning .. something else I have to stress over .. haha

    Joy : )
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  8. ilovecats94

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    So sorry to hear about Molly and all she has been through. Hoping she will be doing better soon.

    When Elliott stopped eating and lost a lot of weight the vet did blood tests, but only knew he had a low white count. Didn't know what he had.

    I started to put him on OTC cat vitamins and he started to perk up and started to eat and gained some weight. He died about 9 months later of sudden death, though. That was in 1998.

    Hope Molly will do okay. Don't forget the vitamins. For Elliott I put them on his nose, but Biscuit didn't like that and we eventually had to give up giving her vitamins. She just turned 12 in May.

    She doesn't eat as much as she used to.

    I do know that when my cleaning girl was washing my floors with Mr. Clean, Biscuit would get on it and apparently lick her feet and it would make her sick. The girl would flood the floors with a mop. Now I have the cleaning girl use my Swiffer Wet Jet and I don't have the problems anymore.

    Good luck and hope everything works out for you.


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