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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Plantscaper, Mar 2, 2003.

  1. Plantscaper

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    Does anyone else use massagers for insomnia?..It really helps me move into a much more relaxed state and with many different buttons you can tailor to the parts of the body that you need help with or go for the full body with various intensities or types of massage..ALSO, COST EFFECTIVE WHEN YOU CAN'T AFFORD A MASSAGE THERAPIST!
    COULD NOT LIVE WITHOUT MY MASSAGER.. LOL, AMELIA[This Message was Edited on 03/02/2003]
  2. EllenComstock

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    I am behind on these posts. As for the massager-I haven't used it to help me sleep, but I suppose it could relax you enough to do this. I use when I am having a lot of pain and then my kind husband applies it to my painful areas. You are right-it's the next best thing to a massage therapist!
  3. sofy

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    Are you talking about one of the big expensive chairs or a hand type device? I like the expensive chairs that give the rolling and pounding type of massages but the ones that just vibrate set my head a buzzing and even make my teeth ache. I'm alone so anything hand held is limited to what I can do for myself. I also find holding it not very relazing.
    By the Im a big landscaping nut so your name intrgues me. You dont have any info on your bio
  4. Plantscaper

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    I am referring to both the kind (Homedics-wasn't sure if I should put the brand) that you lay flat in a recliner..you don't have to do any of the work, just relax..into the vibrations from head to toe..and I have just discovered an anti-gravity chair that has even more benefits (but I haven't assembled it yet), and feels like heaven on earth..it's not very expensive if you are a member of Sam's Club..the expense would be equivalent to four massages with massage therapist....LOL, AMELIA
  5. GradgirlJen

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    You might try is massage school in your area. Students charge small fees to give you 50 minute massages, whatever type you need. Here in Arizona I pay $20 per a 50 minute massage.

  6. jka

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    the massager is a wonder!i use it almost every day.bring me big time relief.i also use it before massage therapy
    and makes them work better. am finally getting some circulation in my back again.

    best of luck
    kathy c
  7. Shirl

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    I have the full body one and also one that fits on the back of a chair. That one 'lives' on the computer chair! They are wonderful. Both of the ones I have also have a heating element in them, which is also an added benefit.

    But this will not help me sleep. I have to use them during the day, they seem to give me energy.

    I have a wireless mattress heating pad for sleeping. Its a gentle heat that helps with all the stiffness and pain. I also sleep on a feather bed! It took years to figure all this out!

    Whoever said they can't do the hands on kind of massage, these above are the best. My husband works for an Oil company and is gone for weeks at a time, so I am also alone a lot. I have learned to get something to help that I can do by myself too.

    Shalom, Shirl