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    I have never done this before,thought I could handle everything,but I have no one to talk too!!I have never felt so down,been crying for days,(please excuse my spelling).I have had the worst seven weeks ,just hurt everywhere.Can't seem to manage to do the simplest tasks.I have FM,spinal stenosis,buldging disks,arthritis,etc.Can't even go outside,can't cook,which I love to do.Am afraid to think that this is what the rest fo my life is going to be like.My grandsons second birthday is Friday,and we are planiong to all go to zoo,son,daughter in law, husband , my daughter.So afraid I won't be able to go,I couldn't stand not being with him on his birthday trip!!I am sick of taking all these meds and getting no releif.Am tired of my husband and I having no good times any more-always thought when we got to this age with children grown and settled that this would be a wonderfull time for us to do things together-well I guess I was wrong!!Sorry for going on and on-Just so tired of crying for days I needed to get this off my chest.Thnak- you for being here,because I know you all understans.Even if no one reads this at least maybe I'll feel better just by letting it all out!!Thank you again.
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    Dear Chris,

    I am so sorry to hear you are having such a rough time. Hopefully this flare will pass soon. In the grips of one, things do seem hopeless. I too, wonder if it's like this at 48 what will it be like at 80? (God willing I would live that long) Many times, if I'm having a particularly bad time and something important comes up that I really want to do, somehow I manage to do it. I don't know if it's a matter of spirit over body or just what. I pray that will happen for you that you may participate in the joyous occasion of your grandson's birthday. Also, let's have faith that meds will be discovered in the near future that will help us deal more effectively with all that plagues us. Also remember, the best thing you can do for your family is listen to them and love them. That is something we can all do regardless of our degrees of pain.

    Cheers & Blessings
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    Dear Chris,

    I'm so sorry to hear that you are feeling down, both in body and spirit. I know exactly the feeling you're having.
    It feels like you're so alone. We wonder why we have to be the one with this pain. We want so much out of life. You sound like you are a very giving, and loving wife, mother,
    and grandmother. I can just tell in your post. I know where your heart is, I just hope better days for you soon.

    I really hope you will feel better by the time your grandson's trip. It's just so unfair. I'm glad you are able
    to get this off your chest. You are still a fighter, remember that! We wouldn't wish this DD on our worst enemy.
    Just remember that I do hear you. I'll be thinking of you, Chris. I've got a trip coming up too, and I'm so afraid to go. But, I guess I'll just keep hoping it will be
    Best wishes,

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    So sorry you feel so rotten. Been there. Still there sometimes. You surely are not alone in this. I've done things I felt like I have to do and paid for it for weeks. At the time tho, it's worth it. You have a whole lot of people right here to talk to. I wish it could be "face to face" too. But, messages are better than nothing. If you can't do it, your grandson will understand why when he is older. Please hang in there. I know it's hard to swallow all the meds sometime, but, it's all that keeps me going sometimes. Those and God. I pray you can do this with your family. Let us know how it goes OK?
    Love, and understanding
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    I Know how it is to be feeling awful when you want to be particpating. Check and see if the zoo has wheelchairs you can rent, ours does, and they don't look like you are sick..they are very colorful!All you can do is just take it one day at a time..and try to find the best in ever day. Hang in there Chris!