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    The whole thing about people who make full recoveries and people who only make partial recoveries from this horrible illness is still very vague. For example, when I read things on the internet the consensus seems to be that full recovery is unlikely but having known a couple of people who have had the illness. They have recovered completely after a couple of years. The question here is are there various forms of the illness and have these people had true CFS? Its almost like the diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. If the doctors don't know the problem they put you in this hole. I have been given a diagnosis of Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome after I had a Hep A injection and a period of stress. This has lasted 10 months so far and progress is slow. The symptoms have included nausea, bloating, tingling, headaches, brain fog and lack of concentration but so far no fatigue as such. These symptoms have been debilitating in there own right. The other thing I have found is high levels of Copper from a hair sample. Do other people have this particular problem? I would love to think that this is the cause of all my problems but I think that is unlikely. Are there people on here who can say they have made full recoveries?
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    I made a full recovery after my initial onset of CFS which I endured for 14 months. I had a 3 year remission. in 2004 it came back again- sudden onset- and I endured it for another 14 months. I enjoyed a 90% remission for 11 months before it appeared again in July of this year and is ongoing. After 11 weeks I am functioning about 25%.

    Some people are lucky and stay well forever. With myself and others we remain vulnerable. I guess I shouldn't have tested my limits both times and taken it easy.

    CFS is variable and is different from patient to patient. Statistics vary from study to study. Lyme Disease is a big cause now. It takes special treatment and more time for improvement.

    I would check out Dr. Teitelbaum's EndFatigue website, and email him with your problem. He will give you some good advice free.

    Good luck.


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