Full SSDI Review at 61

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    I am currently being reviewed at age 61. I have never heard of anyone being reviewed at this age. I was awarded benefits at age 50, with short reviews. Should I contact my lawyer who helped me the first time or should I wait until they decide?
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    I have heard an untrue rumor on several sites that once you hit 60, you don't get reviewed any more. I have repeatedly told people that is UNTRUE, and you can vouch for that. At any time SSA (Social Security Administration) can do a short or long reivew on you, and they review you throughout your time on SSD. They have chosen to do the long review on you.

    I was awarded SSD (Social Security Disability) in my early 50s and had a short review after 5 years and I'm expecting my second review now (5 years after that one).

    If you contact your attorney, you will need to pay him out of your own pocket to represent you. There are no payments from SSA that would go directly to an attorney to represent you on this review, like on the original application for SSD. So be aware up front of that.

    What you do is gather all your medical records and labs and tests to be able to prove you are still disabled and unable to do ANY JOB, not just the job you used to do. Go through his board and get copies of the forms for mental health, Fibro, muscular or general and have doctors complete them for you. They will make a huge difference for you and answer many questions that SSA wants answered.

    Keep in mind that you have a set period of time to respond and don't go over that time. Good luck and let us know how you do.
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    I've been doing so much research online!! Thanks for responding. I feel like I'm going crazy!!

    MY biggest mistake is that I stopped seeing my psychiatrist and just let my pcp prescribe my anxiety medication. I stopped going because I hated the long wait at his office. My neurologist died and I didn't find another one. Also, I stopped going to my rheumatologist because I was in a car accident on the way to his office the last time and I just thought it too much of a hassel to keep all those appts. when there is no cure for FMS.

    I do have medical documentation from my pcp and that has been sent directly to SS. I worry that he wasn't thorough enough. My adjudicator from SS called and asked who was treating me for FMS and I told her my pcp. She asked for how long and I told her since '98. Then she asked if there was any time that I wouldn't be available to go to one of their drs. I said no, anytime. I told her I didn't understand why FMS wasn't mentioned because I had been hospitalized last year for chest pains due to FMS. She said that she had just received his paperwork and would look it over. I don't know what to think!!! He prescribes hydrocodone for pain and flexeril for spasms. Not to mention ct and us testing for IBS three months ago. I gave them the names of all drs. and hospital and diagnostic clinics.

    They also sent the mental health form to my pcp since he's the one treating me for anxiety and depression with xanax. I had to meet with him and he charged me $275.00.

    As you can see, I'm worried that medicare will be taken away. My husband keeps telling me to call the lawyer but I think I should wait to see their decision. They haven't called to schedule me with one of their drs. yet.

    Let this be a lesson to everyone.

    Thanks again and I will let you know what happens.
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    I know this sounds a little paranoid but I think that my neighbor, who's a doctor on the board of ssdi, turned me in because I don't "look sick"!! I wish I knew for sure but if they send me to her, can I refuse on the grounds that it is a conflict of interest? My husband told her that I was on disability. I don't discuss my physical or emotional/mental problems with anyone, much less my neighbors! My husbands says that she wouldn't do something like that but I feel differently.

    When my lawyer and I went before the judge 10 years ago, he assured me that because of my age. I didn't have anything to worry about, so it just seems too suspicious to me.

    Thanks again
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    First, if your neighbor/doctor is chosen by SSA/DDS (Disability Deterimination Services in the States that helps SSA and I think they are in to help on reviews too), then you could state that you know that doctor PERSONALLY because they are a NEIGHBOR OF YOURS, and you do not want neighbors having personal information regarding you. (Be gentle in saying it and stress you know him PERSONALLY and he is your neighbor so that SSA/DDS will think it's a conflict of interest particularly since he is a neighbor you know).

    Now, understand that you can ask to have your doctors used for your Consultative Examation (CE) that will be upcoming, but SSA/DDS is not required to go along with you and grant your request. Sometimes they are good about it and other times you get someone that will say absolutely NOT. So it is truly up to them as to the doctor that does the CE.

    They continuously used a CE doctor in our area that is known by the attorneys to give reports favorable to SSA/DDS and he even lies in the reports that the patient made various statements--that were never made. Some of the statements he made up were that patients said they were okay to return to work--and that was so untrue. He would act up and hit the wall with a fist, and would be scarey as heck. I made a complaint about him and the State sent me and my attorney letters appologing for that doctor's behavior when he was with me. But they continued to use him. And SSA CE exams were his only job and he took no private patients. He was not impartial.
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    I will say that and I hope that I can choose the Rheumatologist that diagnosed me. He was so knowledgeable in FMS.

    I'm sorry that you had such a bad one. It has been three days since SS called me so I'm hoping that they have enough and I won't have to see one of their drs.
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    Thanks so much for your support! you are right, my husband and I talked about it tonight and agreed that i should call and make appts. with the Rheumo and Psch drs. tomorrow!!! No matter what I should go because I need to anyway.

    Thanks so much!!!
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    That no matter what, you should see your own doctor again. That way if you end up seeing a CE that SSA/DDS uses, you will have your own doctor's report as a good back up. And make sure your doctor mentions any tests he runs such as the 14 point test. It doesn't seem like much to you and me, but there is an ALJ (Administrative Law Judge for SSA) that won't grant Fibro findings unless the claimant sees a Rheumatologist and has the results of a 14 point test in his/her file. So to some it is nothing, but to others, it means you have Fibro.

    Thanks Freida for your great info. If we all help, we can get hopefully get through these SSD problems.

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    I had the 14 point test done 10 years ago by the rheumo that diagnosed me so I feel so responsible for not staying with him. He told me I would be reviewed but I let it lapse. Hopefully I can go back to him and he will help me.

    Thanks for all your help!!
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    Seems like if I remember right.. they did an on the phone review with me last year.. I did get a call .. wasnt here but it was about going back to work.. I would love to try but thing is.. once you do.. that month.. You lose your pay.. or maybe its the month after.. but.. whatever You make.. they take it away from the next check.. it doesn't help us financially.. just getting ya out of the house if You are able to get out to work.. myself.. I don't think I could do it and haven't ever tried.. I don't want to mess up my SSDI or the SSI.. think the SSI is what gets messed up..
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    Its listed on my Drs reports just about every time I go to the Drs.. regarding the fibro..
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    It used to be over 50 and you need not worry, now it is anytime. If you had a representative before, they should do it for free now. I do.