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  1. loucindy

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    i received notice of fully favorable decision dated aug 9th, i applied march 2002, had two denial letters was waiting for hearing, got a call from attorney told me to check my mail and i would find good news, all my letter said was that i was found disabled from ra, oa, ddd, and an overlay of fybromyalgia, tht was it noting about how much or when or anything, i guess the hard part is over as they say but for me the hard part will be waiting for the award letter that is suppose to come next, the only thing i can say that i believe caused the judge to make a decision without a hearing would be the fact that after each and every doctor appointment my attorney would send my doctors a paper with questions on it and my doc's would fill them out and my lawyer would send them to the OHA after each appointment.... i dont post often but believe me i read all the time and you folks have helped me more than you could ever know... thank you... my prayers are with all who are waiting... cindylou
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  2. pam_d

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    Congratulations!! I've never applied for disability, but I read all the posts on how hard (and long!) it is to get approved. Good for you, I think it does others here who are waiting a lot of good to hear when someone has been approved---gives everyone hope!!

    I'm very happy for you!

  3. shootingstar

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    Congratulations! It sounds like this was a long process, and I'm glad to hear you have won. Wish the disability application procedure could be made simpler for those who need it.
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    You've won and I am so happy for you.You won't have this stress anymore.Linda
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    Congratulations on the fully favorable decision for SSD. I'm glad that you won, and especially that you didn't have to appear before the judge.

    At least, the worse is over for you.

    I have my first appt. with an attorney next Tuesday so this information may help me a lot.

    Thank you so much and now........you can rest:)

  6. ckball

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    That is wonderful. Since you go back to 2002 that should be a very nice back pay check. Go treat yourself and supporters (family or freinds) to a special day at a spa or what ever makes you feel pampered. Carla
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    Good for you girlee!!!
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    I have already gotten most of my backpay. They say the rest could take 6-8 months. My monthly checks have started, though. One thing that they will try to do is charge you for all the back Medicare. I found out by asking several different people that I can fill out papers and deny it until the date I want it. That way, I can get back the $500 they charged me. You will also want to check to see if you qualify for help paying for your Medicare. They don't always tell you this stuff.
  9. Scapper

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    C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! ! ! !

    I can remember the tremendous **relief** I felt when I got that letter.

    I hope this frees up some energy to focus on YOU :)

  10. rockgor

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    Always glad to see good news on the board.
  11. Cinlou

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    I am so happy for you! I love your name....from another Cindy Lou. (great name is it not)I think I am about to apply for SSD...I need to get the strength to do it.
    Take Care,
    Cindy Lou
  12. mrdad

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    I'm so happy that you were finally successful with your

    claim!! Congratualations for sticking it out as long

    as you did!! Hopefully they will award you a sizable

    radioative, (oops) I mean retroactive check. Never accept

    a "hot check" from the Government!! It's gonna' be a

    very happy day well deserved.

    We're proud of ya!

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  13. sisland

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    This is very! very! Great news for you! The other paperwork should be there real soon!!................................Happy for you!! .............Sydney
  14. atiledsner

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    They allowed me 30 months backpay. I only get 296.40 a month. i stayed home and raised my children, hubby didn't pay SS in on me.

    It's better than nothing.This won't cover my meds a month.

    I wish you well.