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  1. ourlife

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    been diagnosed with FM/CFS since Oct 08. I work in an office environment and type alot. The last few weeks you would think I have never typed in my life. I can't type. I have to correct most everything because my fingers wont work. any one else a clumsy typer now?
  2. hatbox121

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    There are days when I'm a clumsy everything. I have a tendency to be holding something and just drop it. I also "throw" things because I'm walking and my hand just lets go for whatever reason. I have become more clumsy in general. They used to tease me when I worked because they said I had a "hole" in my lip because I'd spill my drink or food on my shirt.
  3. gapsych

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    I have been known to walk into walls. I will not be looking in the direction I am walking.

    I think I need giant curb feelers to let me know what is around me. If you do not know what curb feelers are you are just too young!!

    On a more serious note, a sleep test is vital. I would ask for the one where you stay the next day, have you take several naps. This will monitor your daytime sleepiness. I would think a better indication would be to lie down when you are tired, let you sleep and see the readings. Alas, I am not a neurologist.

    There is some controversy about whether you should be on your meds. when you get the test. I was on my meds. when I had my sleep study. I guess that might indicate if your meds. are making you sleepy? But then the opposite also might show this. However going through withdrawal might skew the test

    The last several weeks, I seem to be having more trouble with my fine motor skills, which I am going to talk to my doctor about.

    Take care.

  4. Pansygirl

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    I'm always dropping something that I 'm trying to hold . I try to be extra careful with dishes
    these days. Typing has become more of a challenge as well.

    I'm also forever stubbing a toe or running into a wall or a door. I'll be looking one way and
    my body goes a different way it's what it feels like to me.

    I've gotten more bumps and bruises because of this dd. If my family hears me scream they
    get the ice sometimes before I ask for it, they are used to me getting hurt.
  5. FMsaddenedspirit

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    Ya me too.... I have to correct everything I type. you would think I could not spell.. LOL.,.
    also I used to be able to multi task . and do three things at once . I could be proof reading an e-mail taking to a customer or agent and read through the notes all at the sme time really... now its one thing at a time.. I started saying what I was reading , instead of what I was thinking of saying... very frustrating .. and was hard to acept... makes my job harder in ways...
    I also alwasys have drops of coffie on the floor , counter you name it .... Its s struggle to do anything ... I even have noticed I get off ballance a lot . my stairs kinda scare me any more.. and I have to hold both ralls going up and down.. I have almost fallen several times. Thank goodnesss I cought myself.
    I have a hard time walking because of my feet.. legs and hips.. I am ,, if I can ever remember to ask my Doc about disable tag for my car.. so I can park closer to the door.. my husband is pushing me on this one..
    so ya you are not alone ..

    hang in there .. best wishes
  6. faithinlove

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    I got a tag for my car and this helps me so much doing my things I have to do. At first I was a little bit embarrassed having to do this but I cannot tell you how it has benefited me to have this. I have problems with my ankles,legs and feet. If you will do this for yourself I know it will help you.
    I hope you are doing okay.
    love Faith ;) Things will get better.
  7. FMsaddenedspirit

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    Hi Faith,
    been awhile , Thank you for leting me know you got a tag for you car.. makes me feel better about asking.. I think it would help a lot... I see my family Doc this comming week.. not sure If I ask him or my Fibro Doc... what Doc did you ask ?
    my husband and Dad really think this would hlep me .. if I have to walk from way out just to get into the store. it means less walking once I get in.. I used to love shopping . but now.. welll I just can't be on my feet that long without hurting , and at times ending up in tears. I'm sure you understand what I mean .
    I am finally going to talk to my family doc about the Fatiuge , as my Fibro Doc knows nothing about how to help with the CF . wish me luck.. I really was hoping after the sleep study and geting used to my c-pac that would help .. but so far it has not.. so time to look at other things I guess. I'm going to ask about B12 shots.. any advise ?
    Well Happy Friday every body ... Look forward to hearing from you .
    Huggles for my Support family .. :)
    take care Faith .. love you all .
  8. robin1667

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    Just wanted you to know. It has taken almost a year for me to tell a difference with my cpap. I found recently i am not needing a nap during the day. I know some that the cpap has helped right away also. But everyone is different. So don't give up on cpap.
    B12 shots i haven't tried Yet. So i can't give advice on that.
  9. 3gs

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    Had to lol at some of the answers. My floor too is dotted with the coffee drips!

    It's almost like does my body know what my brain intended?