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    I felt a flare coming on after I had not taken Elavil for three days according to DOCS instructions. called Rheummy at 8pm and he told me to go to ER.(referral process in progress to pain mangagement from rheummy) why is it that when I am in such pain all over with a headache, that I cry like a baby? anyway, the ER was very nice when I gave them all my info about FM and how my rheummy wanted me to go, the scary part is after 2 shots of demerol and 1 shot of toradol, my pain was still there, but at about a 4. they told me that that was all they could do. but they were helpful. The DOC walks in and asks me, "what do you need hon to help you? and what kind of pain med do you need to take at home?" it was nice that it felt like they actually cared. The answering service for my rheummy was such a rude woman, that she hung up on me. THen she called my house and hung up on me, like I needed to deal with that. When I'm in pain I am not too nice but I certainly was not as rude as her. I cant wait til my pain management appt. I should get a call today. I am still in pain w/headache at about a five, well guys I am no longer in any denial about this DD< I had to call in for work yesterday too. I feel so stupid. I was crying in pain when I talked to my boss, she was understanding but I still could not tell her what I had a DX of. I told her that I was simply dx with something and it causes pain, etc... She told me gently that it is time to admit that you are sick and you should tell them at work about it. I guess its time to let the "cat out of the bag." I feel so fortunate to talk about this with you all. thanks for letting me vent and not feel like an alien or a "drug seeker", or "crazy hypochondriac!" HA HA.............. Love and blessings, IGGY
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    I experienced over all pain so bad that I had to be taken to ER by ambulance and had to be carried to the gurney. Mine came from Bactrin. I took one pill at bedtime and woke up vomiting until I got dehydrated. Then the pain began! I was given Demerol too. It worked some but I think the IV hydration worked the most. I stayed in the hospital over night because I took a pill that I didn't know I was sensative to it.
    I used to cry when I had a lot of pain. There is no shame in that except what we feel about ourselves. I also have been a very crabby person while having a flare. I have cried at the doctor's office just trying to describe my pain and then was told I was depressed. Fun disease, huh?
    Hope you feel better soon.
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    but I am hopeful my pain will be easier to fix than full blown FM, like you.

    Not that you can't recover wellness, people have.

    I am so glad they were nice to you in ER. If i had known you were in ER too last night, i would have been thinking of you at 3 am while I was waiting over 2 hrs for the doc!

    How long did it take for you to be seen?

    What is up with your rheumie and receptionist. I hope their lives improve so that they can spread more happiness in lives of others!

    Good luck with letting work know. Do you have to tell them what you have? Or can you just tell them you have some medical problems?
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    I live near a retirement town, so I go to their hospital, which is owned by the same company as where I work. So I was in the room getting pain relief within an hour... there was NO wait. That is such a blessing. As far as work, I have been hiding it for awhile, but I finally told them today. I was surprised to hear that my boss has a best friend that is suffering from the same DD. IT was somewhat of a relief to tell her, but I wish I did not have to. They asked me if I would be at work this weekend, and I said yes. Considering the nightmare, from how people responded it made it more bearable. I need to work part time to get benefits from insurance. fun fun fun... Thanks for responding, Love Iggy
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    since she knows someone.

    Glad you didn't have to wait for treatment at the hosp.

    Keep us updated!

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    Are you going to Dr. Laiten for your pain? Just wondering since we are both in Phx.

    I'm sorry you are in so much pain. Yeah, I'm gonna have to let work know about this DD...without sounding like a hypochondriac freak.