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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by paulmack, Feb 25, 2007.

  1. paulmack

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    Hi guys,saw this fun story in our newspapers at the weekend.Whadya think?

    Headline is "Slam Trunk Basketball Star" & is about elephants playing basketball.Don't think they'll be earning as much as the American players though,but they look as though they're enjoying it,lol.

    Story goes:

    "An elephant slam dunks a basketball through a hoop — at a home for talented jumbos.

    The mammal has been trained at a park for performing elephants.

    Others at the attraction in Chiang Mai,Northern Thailand, have been taught to paint and draw.

    The country has just 4,000 Asian elephants left — down from 50,000 half a century ago.

    But, like this animal, that could just be a ballpark figure."

  2. Rosiebud

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    saw them on one of the news programmes, they were actually on their hind legs putting the balls in the hoops.

    Hope they really are enjoying it.

  3. paulmack

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    Never saw them on the telly but was reading some reader's comments on the newspapers website that raised some interesting info_One reader says:
    "The stories are great.I have seen this park .At the elephant conservancy near Chang Mia they look after sick elephants and have a breeding programme.The elephants are looked after by their mahouts 24/7.
    If the UK hospitals think they have problems with ward cleaning the THAI'S use JCB'S for bed pans & burn the bedding.The place is spotless.
    Nearby you can listen to an Elephant band watch them paint as well as timber handling which they are superb. I rode an elephant up a metre wide path alongside a cliff edge these elephants are amazingly sure footed.
    I hope the numbers will rise back to levels they once were."

    Wouldn't fancy driving the JCB though,LOL.

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