Fun stuff to do with others when you feeling horrible

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by acdb, Aug 27, 2010.

  1. acdb

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    Feeling miserable most of the time, not many people like to be around you. I do stuff on my own like read, audio books, puzzles, and movies. Sometimes my spouse and I read to each other. What other kind of fun things do you do when you are having a generally usual crappy CFS/FM day? I'd like to be a little more social if I can.
  2. clementyne

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    Wow! I admire you for having the wherewith all to even think about fun stuff when you are feeling bad!
    On my not so bad days I like to get outside if I can. DH & I get up early, load up the dog & drive to a State Park to view the wild life. I always bring a book - that way, if I can't walk too far (or at all) I have something to do while hubby & hound get their energy out. We also go to the Art Museum, which sits on beautiful grounds so we can do either inside or outside, depending on the day. Our city has quite a few historic sites - homes - museums and we visit those as well. Another thing we like to do is to go to auctions, fun just to go but we have found many great deals and I love to go to antique shops. We do these things with friends as well as on our own.
    I really have to be careful not to over do, though.
    Have fun!
  3. rockgor

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    Come visit the Chit Chat board. Good place to discuss kids, pets, music, books,
    recipes, jokes, etc.

    Two threads have no topic: Loungers and the Porch. Folks just drop in and
    report on what they're doing. Or hoping to do when they get a little energy.

  4. ilovepink4

    ilovepink4 Member

    Start a Facebook page-yes it is a little upsetting to read about all the things other people can do, but you also can read about people you haven't thought about in years! and look at their photos...and there are games to play, if you into that kind of, that is one way to expand your social world

    watch the free movies from Netflix

    Read, Read,REad,....

    learn to cross stitch

    read blogs

    Visit Amnesty INternation's website and read about ppl that are in trouble and need help...and then, help them by writing to whoever AI tells you can help someone even if you are flat on your back!

    write a real letter to someone...especially an elderly friend or family member who isn't online...

    go to and find some penpals from the otherside of the world....

    eat something yummy....

    look through all the thousands of cool things on a website of handmade items for many amazing things there

    join and swap your books that you don't want anymore...hardcover, paperback, audio, largeprint...and they have a sister site for DVD's and one for CD's....for the cost of postage, you mail out your old book and get a point....then you take your point and order any book you want for free! there are blogs and opportuniites to make friends etc....

    go to amazon and look at books and at the bottom of the page, there are tons and tons of communities that have conversations going on about any topic you can think can post a question or topic...

    check out weird stuff on sale on Ebay....

    take a nap whenever you feel like it but make sure you have yourself a sleeping mask to block out the daylight!!!! the pressure on my eyes helps me sleep, too...

    listen to audio books....

  5. u&iraok

    u&iraok New Member

    and thought I'd died and gone to heaven! It's a year free trial with our cable company and I'm going nuts. All these shows that come on in the middle of the night or at other times I can't watch and movies that are 3 or 4 hours long that you don't want to watch on tv because that's too long. I have fun programming all these to record and then watching them at my leisure. And it keeps me sitting still for a while. I try to rest and if I read I lose my concentration often and end up getting up all the time.

    I also like sitting outside listening to the birds and watching the breeze in the trees, ahhh.

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