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    I have read some of the posts regarding this test already. So if anyone has any tidbit I would be happy to hear from you. After quite a few years on LTD they are requesting I take this FCE test at the end of this month. I am not sure a lawyer will help get this test nixed or I would have to take it anyway. Any sugestions? I can do just about anything once -my problem lies in having to report to a job and not rest when needed or go to my doctors (which I go to often)when needed - how does this test prove long term activity. How much does it count in insurance assesment?

    Any feed back would be helpful.
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    click on my screen name and scroll down to my post from 3/25/05 on the Functional Capacity Exam.

    Let me know if you have trouble finding it.

    Good luck,
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    about someone with FMS or CFS. Just because you can do something once, on a good day, doesn't mean you could do it at any required time over a sustained period. You may have to do the test but then counterbalance the results by further evidence. Are you represented so that your attorney can ask your doc if you could sustain any of these actions for 40 hours during a work week, or over 8 hour days? What would be your absentee rate? How many days a week would you need to take extra breaks, have migraines, require pain pills which would affect your ability to do the work, etc. If you do this test, don't rest up before it. If you have to do the shopping for your family or other chores, do them the day before, then request adequate rests between the tests and ask them to document the rests, or whatever is the truth of the matter. hope this helps. Jen
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    All i can say is they always follow you before the exam and after the FCE on that day. It happened to me three times. Ha Proved I was disabeled!!! I saw another guy on 60 Minutes and they followed him on his FCE exam. Its creapy.
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    Many people have FCE through a registered physical therapist....this is not the type of test that will show how repeated or delayed activity affects fibro/cfs patients. My attorney sent me to a specialist who can show physical changes in the body with 2 day testing. They take blood bressure, pulse and timing of different actions. They take measurements of joints to show swelling and any other changes. This testing is not an easy thing to do. I asked them if I got sick or couldn't keep going what would happen...they said they would give me a bucket to get sick in and film me...I just had to show what would happen if I did try to work. I was terrified! I didn't believe that anything would show how fibro affected me. I was proved wrong! It make cost more but will eliminate the insurance companies..and doctors...from doubting you and once and for all prove your condition for working. I think it's important to find someone who is a "Certified Senior Disability Analyst; Human Peformance Specialist". They are not questioned by insurance companies...and, if necessary, are accepted as court witnesses. My specialist is also a Diplomate of the American College of Forensic Examiners... This cost me more $$ which I paid for, but won disability without question and a large settlement. Also, my rhuemotolgist no longer doubts my claims of pain, fatigue, etc., as was done prior to testing. I was tested two days in a row... When I finally got my report from them, I was astounded at the detail showing my body changes...bp, pulse, joint swelling, slowing of actions, lowering of accuracy on tasks, etc.... They proved without question that my body was struggling and could not do any job...I am totally permanently disabled due to fibromyalgia. Additionally, I just found out this week that I also have serious sleep apnea...I have not been sleeping well but had no idea that I am cessing to breathe during my sleep as many as 40-50 times an hour! My sleep specialist says that about 80% of fibro patients have sleep wonder we feel like crap!!! So, I will now tackle that. My life has gone totally wacko in last 5 years..type A professional to ...couch potato who can't stay awake. I wish you best of luck and health. I hope this helps! If you want to find Disability Analyst in your area...I'd try giving American Board of Disability Analysts a call. I'm sure they will help. They are better to test you than a regular physical therapist. Forgive spelling...I'm exhausted.
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    Don't push yourself into a flare but go exhausted and at your worst!!!
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