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  1. LeLeHpr

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    Has anyone ever had one, and how do they prove what we can or cannot do?

    My doc wants me to have one for my STD claim and I keep telling her that has nothing to do with FM? Am I correct?
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    I went through this at the Mayo clinic. If it is the same as there it is two half days of strength and endurance testing and coordination. Things like if you can carry things and how much. How long you can work above your head, how much you can walk, crawl, climb steps, climb a ladder. How long you can sit, if you can take pegs from one board and place them on another. I had mine "RIGHT" after three weeks of pain in a pain clinic. So, it was not as accurate as what it should have been in the real world.

    What the FCE is going to do is show how fatigued and how fast you fatigue from the Fibro. They take down how long you can do it and then calcualate it into a work day... If you struggle with tiring easily it could actualy be a benefit to yourself to do it.
    Hope this helps,
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    and a relief.

    After I'd fought for a couple of years for my disability pension, my lawyer ordered this exam. It had to be spread over 2 sessions as I could not last long enough to do it all at once. Of course, I'm twice your age, so you might not be so rickety!!LOL

    Here in Canada, the exam consisted of the physical capability part and the occupational part. I knew I'd fail the physical portion, which thankfully I did. But the occupational part was a real downer. I was a darned good secretary for over 10 years, but when given the clerical tests, I got a negative score!!!! That sure proved I was no longer capable of office work, but how depressing!!!

    My lawyer assured me that this test usually is the clincher in proving disability. With our government up here, they kept fighting me -- on principle, I'm sure. Usually, applicants won with this test.

    This exam proves your capabilities and lack thereof, so I'm sure it would help prove your FM. Good luck with failing your exam! LOL

    Love and gentle hugs, Dorothyanne

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    I guess my frustration is coming through..My doc should know that fm is debilitating along with the torn ligament in my back is making everything painful. All I want to do is get it fixed- Meaning the ligament of course..She keeps saying that she cannot judge my abilities until I have this test done..Is it she cannot, or will not? Also, I was notified yesterday that as of Dec of this year my FM doc will no longer be taking my insurance so that means PPO and a lot of out of pocket expense and extra money we do not have lying around the house.

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    make sure it tests you over two days. (Apparently some testing is done in only one day.) That will give them the opportunity to see what impact the pain/fatigue from the first day has on you.
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    Thanks for the info!