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    hi all, hope everyone is having a lovely fall day out there. My question for all of you is::
    what TYPES of functional capacity evals. have you all been subjected to? I had one done by a group a few years back that was done by a machine and gave a very specific read out, computer generated and specific as to effort put out, ability to lift, what muscle and nerve groups were being tested, etc.
    Now i've been required by the group that carries my mortgage disability (they really want to drop me something awful!!!) and it was performed by a physical therapist and was very inadequate, i felt, and really depends on what he felt and thought (and probably was paid to say) without any actual PROOF of anything. (ex.--lift a box-empty, w 10#, 20 #, etc.) He told me that i should lift to the point of comfort, then did pulse checks after i sat back down, etc.
    I am anxious to see how he felt i did, but it will depend totally on what he says, rather than any mechanical proof like the last test. i did call him back the next day to have documented that i suffered alot of mid back strain the next day, but that is just my word, to a company that paid the "independent" (aka-in their pocket)medical examiner to lie about everything i said to him during the summer.
    I'm afraid I am pretty much "up a creek" here--what are your opinions please? thanks--Laurie
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    That sounds like a bunch of crap ,that makes me upset and can only imagine how it makes you feel.
    I am very new to this site and really you all are the first people I have talked to with FM ,like myself.
    Some days I can lift something and the next I may not be able to depending on my pain and fatigue.
    I am going to apply for disability soon and am not looking forward to the stress from it all,and stupid tests they will put me through ,like the ones you are having to do.
    I wish you the best and hope you can keep your morgage disability.
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    thanks brenda--any other comments or suggestions? thanks everyone--laurie
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    that showed this guy who worked for insurance companies going around giving these tests to decide whether people were actually disabled or not.

    It's disgraceful, that's what it is. I'm so sorry you've been subjected to this.

    I dont know what you can do, could a lawyer help you?

    So sorry.

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    thanks for the responses, other stories about the FCE anyone else has had will be deeply appreciated! --L
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    bump--please respond if you have been thru a FCE. Thanks to all!