Functional capasity test???

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    I mentioned to my doc that I had asked my the family that I do private duty nursing for to either have my patient in the bed already or have someone who can help/do thereself as I just can not lift him anymore...for my sake and his, I would feel so awful if I dropped him...anyway, really only mentioned it in passing but he said very good we need to get a funcitional capacity test done.

    So I went monday for this test...first off it is a 2.5hr test. How in the world does he expect me to handle a solid 2.5hr test of any kind? And second how in the world did he expect me to be able to perform the tests...It was worse than a full gym workout.

    The pt first said ok 10-15min on he freakin CRAZY? I can't walk more than a few steps without crazy amounts of pain. I made it only 6min and that was b/c I can't stand the thought of failing a test. Then I had to do all kinds of crazy lifting of boxes and stuff which again I couldn't do with any amount of weight. There were a few other things I could do, but the 2 for me were the kickers...walk up 2 flights of stairs 4times...I made it up and down once only with the help of the rails.

    Last they wanted me to squat...squat down with all my weight on the balls of my feet and do some busy work with my hands and hold that positon of at least 5 then I was so tired and so sore and in such pain I refused to do the squat ...but only b/c I knew it was impossible. The pt guy did not seem pleased with me refusing but I couldn't do it...not only did my back and hips hurt but my knees were getting bad from the stairs and treadmill.

    I was worried how it would turn out as before I got there I was having a pretty decent day, despite the cold and rain. Now I am even more worried...I don't even really know what this test is for...

    Have any of you taken this test? Did you do it all/finish? What does it mean? I can't remember the last time I actually failed a test like this and I feel awful as I know I failed...I didn't make any of the time or weight limits...Help
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    I had no idea they did tests like that to peolpe with chronic pain issues! Sounds like Corpral Punishment to me!!I'm sorry you had to go through that, now it's time to call the doc who ordered this "test" & get some answers!! Take Care, JoLinda
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    If you do a search for "functional capacity exam" you will find a few posts on this. Read the ones under my screen name.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    take care,
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    Hi if you look under my name I also had to take it. I work in a mill and if you can't move up in the line you get a physical limitations layoff. Next year I move up 1 more spot and I will probably be on layoff quite a bit. I have worked there for 32 1/2 years. I also can't squat worth a darn and crouching forget it! People that are "normal" have No clue of what we go through. All I get from people is that they "get sore" too. I did the best I could and only finished 60% of the test over 2 days. I still have my restrictions, the reason behind the test is to find out if you are "faking" it. Some do just to get off the machines. I do the best I can at work, that's is all you can do.
    Have a great day!
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    ... and I'm changing doctors. I just posted about it. I just wasn't willing to go through the recovery of something like that. I'd be bedbound for weeks after!

    Thank you for saying that, Unbalanced. I agree 100%. I asked my doctor if he would put a patient with the flu and a fever over 100 through that test because that's how I feel much of the time.

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    I was supposed to do the testing you went through.

    As I say, SUPPOSED to. Never made it past the treadmill.

    Doc said get on, I got on.
    Doc said walk, I walked.
    Doc said to walk faster, I fainted and smucked my head off the wall.

    Unfortunately at the same time they wanted me to do the funtionality test, they were also trying to figure out why ANY kind of exertion set off my asthma.

    Doctors around here seem to be that special kind of stupid when it comes to testing!

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    I was sent for one. I have a private partial income protection policy and the insurance company, who very reluctantly pays me a part of my income each month, sent me off for a functional capacity test to see if I was able to do any work. I had no choice but to go because they threatened, in the nicest possible way, to stop paying me if I did not undergo the test. Fortunately, I did not really know what was involved beforehand.

    Anyhow... my inability to do the various physical tasks the young assessor gave me to do was obvious. He was nice and just doing his job and obviously was sympathetic. Thank heavens, because it was a real experience.

    Firstly, he walked me around the city block, which was on a hill, and we had to sit down at each bus stop we came to, because I was exhausted. People looked at us because I must have looked stressed and he was embarrassed. He was young enough to be my son. Things went downhill from there!

    When we got back to the clinic, he asked me to walk up and down the stairwell steps four times. I did it once and then had an asthma attack. It scared the hell out of the poor young guy, and it did not do much good for me either. Fortunately I had my medication with me.

    He let me have a rest while he filled out some forms and, try as I might, I could not stop myself just quietly crying and crying and crying.

    Then I had to lift various things and lean over etc., and after that it is all a blur. At sometime during the two hours, he let me lie down in a darkened, air conditioned, quiet room for about 10 minutes.

    I think he was glad to see me finally leave. I found out later that, had I had a serious after-effect e.g., relapse/emergency room trip, he could have been in serious professional difficulties. However, he told me before I left that he would tell the insurance compoany that I was totally disabled. It took me over a week of total rest to recover.

    They are not a nice experience! However, even though you think you failed, in one sense, you passed. By "failing" you show that you are really sick.
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    Thanks for the info!!!

    Well I’m glad to know I did not REALLY fail it so to speak…but Lord knows I am paying for hit still. I will be talking to the doc about this when I see him next as had I known what was involved I would not have gone to begin with. Like I said I only mentioned that my patients family was doing the transfers for me…hey I just thought would this have anything to do with possible disability? I had never really thought I would but…If I qualified I might…hummmmm….