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    I just saw a Doctor of Chiropractic practicing Functional Neurology. He believes he can treat Fibromyalgia among many other conditions by examining brain function to identify the under-functioning part of the brain to find treatments to correct those problems. Some simple tests such as looking at pupil reactions to light, eye movement and dilation, bilateral blood pressure, or temperature differentials of the forehead and peripheral limbs and basic sight and hearing functions. Several diagnostic tools, including computerized dynamic posturography to understand a patient's neurological function; video electronystagmography (VENG) to test inner ear balance; electromyography (EMG) and (EEG) to measure electrical activity of the brain and signals sent perifherally, etc, etc, etc.

    This all sounds too confusing and the above and many other procedures addle my brain!!! I am desperately looking for help for Fibro/Chronic fatigue and have seen about 8 doctors in 7 years with no relief AT ALL.

    I also have Cardiomyopathy and have an ICD implanted in my chest. I have used a c-pap for 7 years for sleep I am literally a mess.

    My question is this. Has anyone ever heard of Functional Neurology as a tool to diagnose and treat Fibromyology and the myriad ailments that go hand and hand with this dreadful condition?

    This doctor gave me a complimentary visit today and will charge $150 for an evaluation at a later date. Also, there is a cost for each test, etc. adding up to hundreds if not thousands of dollars. He explained that Medicare does not cover these treatments at this time and beat around the bush about the possibility of a patient getting coverage in the future.

    Sorry to on for so long, but this all sounds too good to be true. I would be a willing participant if I knew insurance would cover it, but at this point I am in the dark.

    Thanks for reading.

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    LF, Thank you for the information. I don't think I have heard of the term "functional neurology" or if I have my foggy mind has forgotten it!!

    SS, I think luminescencefeeling has given you some good advice. With your other health problems, a medical doctor might be a better option.

    Let us know how you do.


    ETA I could not stop laughing when you mentioned "clown science"!!!!! [This Message was Edited on 08/05/2009]

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