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    Has anyone been told that they have this? I see my fibro dr tomorrow and the last time I saw him he said to see a dermatologist because that is what he thought it was.
    Well, I go next week to the dermatologist so I will see what he thinks it is.
    I think it is from the sun. Brown patches all over my arms--anyone have it---fungus?
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    have been suffering from piteriosis (sp) versicolor ALL over my body since I was about 11. It is a fungal infection of the tinea family I believe.
    It started off as a central patch on my back & then quickly spread to the tops of my arms. The eventually it went down my trunk & ontp the tops of my legs.
    Iy was misdoagnosed as vitilago, so it was never treated!
    It is a red/brown colour & gets itchy when exposed to salt water or chlorine, & if the sun hits these patches they bleach white.
    With a concentrated fungal body wash & shampoo I was able to clear alot of it up. But I just gave birth to my 4th cihld & it is back with a vengance, because I couldn't use the treatment whilst pregnant & can't now because I am breastfeeding.

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    This may be a litte late for a reply, but just joined the boards tongight :)
    You may be getting something simular if not the same that I re-currently get...called Tinea versicolor a fungal infection..starts out as small white,scaly 'looking' circles, and not raised. Usually begins in the crease of my inner elbow, and spreads up my inner arm and armpits and sometimes across the chest and beneath breasts. The whiteness to the patches usually turns brown in color. I am directed to use Selsun Blue shampoo..applying to infected areas at night and washing off in morning for 7 days and repeat at 2
    Every summer I go thru the same regime!
    The very first time I had it was long before I was diagosed with CFS in 1993, and I asked how I possibly got it...the answer was that it was picked up in dirt or sand (I had spent time on the beach summer of 92). I don't know how accurate that is but could be some truth to it...tho I havent' played on the beach since, I am always playing in the garden spring thu fall and hate the feel of gloves...hmmmmmm?!

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    Welcome Vera
    That was soooooooo weird. I just got on here and was looking through some old posts and my name just popped up!!
    Well, I went to the dermatologist and he said that it was not the fungal--it is just sun damage from all the years.
    He said that I will start tanning weird like this from now on.
    It doesn't itch. I do get weird rashes off and on from the sun that do itch, but the dark patches aren't the fungal infection.
    So, I hope he is right. Although, I didn't appreciate being in the room a total of 2 minutes. He said no it isn't the fungus--it is just sun damage, and basically that was about the whole visit.
    Do you have fibro? I have had it around 20 years.
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    You may as well use the Nizoral or Selsun Blue dandruff shampoo as a body can't hurt. If it is a fungus, it will clear up. Use a washcloth in the shower as it will help rub the med shampoo into the skin and loosen the fungus. Good luck and let us know how things turn out. Hippen