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    Hi Fungran,
    I read someone's response to you about writing the specific drug companies for medication assistance. I didn't know one could do that but it sure makes sense. Let me know how it goes.
    As I just took a closer look at the brochure I mentioned to you before, I see that it is pretty much the same idea!
    It does state though that it helps people apply for enrollment in many of the patient assistance programs available. That the process can be complicated etc. Sponsers criteria for approval range from poverty level to $50,000 annually.
    They provide information on how to apply to the manufacturer and a letter for the applicants physician asking for their participation in the application process.
    It says that the cooperation and a favorable recommendation by the doctor has a significant bearing on the patient's approval and enrollment in the patient assistance program.
    Here is the info about the program
    The Medicine Program, PO Box 520, Doniphan, MO 63935-0520
    Phone: 1-573996-7300

    email help@the
    I don't know which approach would be better to use, but there it is.
    Take Care,
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