Fungus Among Us...Yikes

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    Okay so I was watching tv and there was one of those late night health shows on. This guy is a doctor and he is blaming Fibro, Cfids,MS, and other diseases on FUNGUS. Now this is the hundreth person I have heard blaming fungus and bacteria(Mycoplasms). I totally agree as do many on here. OLE and oil of oregano are recommended to combat these things. You need to switch off and on so that your body will not become immune to them. I took OLE for awhile and noticed some benefits after herxing majorly. I seemed to stop improving so I quit taking it...well now I see it could have been my body becoming immune to it from not alternating with a different herb. The thing will take a very long time for these things to go away because they are buried deep in our cells. Some say 2-5 years of treatment. Now the part that bothers me is the virus aspect of this all...we need to find away to get rid of the so called underlying virus that weakens us to the point where are bodies can't fight off the mycoplasms...right? I do not know if it is the herpes 6 virus or the EBV virus or both...YIKES !!! There is a drug not yet approved in the USA that shows is an antiviral called Zadaxin. It is available in Mexico and a few other countries. Two shots a week for 6 months to a year they say should do it. We can all get this medicine if we know somebody in a country that has it approved. We will just need someone to give us the least I will....I can't stick myself...LOL. The drug has been tested and retested and has little to no side affects....Great !!!! So I figure if we fight all the problems at once ...the virus and detox our bodies of the fungus and mycoplasms...we should see some improvement if not a cure. There are only so many systems in the human body and they can't seem to connect Fibro/Cfids to anything but the immune system. This has to be the answer.....our bodies are so polluted with germs that we feel like Sh** !!!!!!! We feel sick because we have bacteria, viruses, and fungus ravaging our immune system and we hurt because our cells are so crammed full of gunk that our soft tissue is swollen and pushing on nerves and muscles. Can anybody help me think this through or give me an opinion???? I refuse to live the rest of my life sick like this!!!!!!!!! Also, if anyone lives in a country where Zadaxin is available please let me know. Thanks for letting me vent...Hippen
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    How do we reverse the damage for us long timers??? Can it be reversed?? Can the neuro damage be fixed?? People have tried and spent so much for the suppossed cure only to slip back. Sometimes even worse. Sort of like the person always on a diet. The YOYO affect. I and others sometimes think we found the answer. I see it as a small part of a very complicated puzzle.

    What causes it is not that important to me as the cure. Heck, we do not know how healthy people get cancer or the common cold. We know they are viruses. 1 is contageous the other isn`t. The flu or long term cold with complicatons have also taken lives. For yrs, is there an answer to a cure for the cold, no. So after all these yrs. Where does that put us??? If with millions spent on cancer and colds,flu we are not much further. Early treatment on all is the only true answer.

    So where doe`s that put us who have been sick for long time??? Everytime they open me up now they find something wrong. Before this I was a healthy athletic,energetic go getter. Now my go get its to the

    Lots of questions. We have been on lots of local tv stations here. Has not seemed to change doc`s minds.

    We cannot even see the correct doc. We should be at neuro endocrinologists, IMHO. They send us to bandaid docs.

    Oh heck, I am on a rambling road, guess it is because my phone and computer have been out lately and will be working on lines again today.( I need some communicaton here with the outside world.) I need a life...

    Take Care....HUGsssss
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    The body is amazingly resilliant. One woman here recovered after having CFIDS for years and regained all her cognitive abilities and even memories she thought were gone forever. During my brief remission on the Famvir, I had no cognitive problems at all.

    I believe it is vital to rid the body of all chronic infections in order to heal. It does take time. I've been on antibiotics for the mycoplasmas for about 1 1/2 years and just started the Famvir. I do pulse the ABX and plan on doing the same with the Famvir. I always have a Herx when I withdraw the meds as the little critters think it's safe to come out and play and my immune system zaps them.

    We should never give up hope.

    Love, Mikie